1. dirk hoorelbeke

    Zelkova serrata (2013-...)

    Not having a little broom in my collection is not an option and what is better than starting a zelkova for that matter. In 2013 i found a zelkova stick in the local bonsai nursery. I looked for straight trunk this time and this was as straight as i found that time. April 2013 Repotted and first...
  2. Saddler

    A Blue Bill Buxus Built To Be a Broom

    I picked up this boxwood as a tester in early April to see how they respond to a heavy hand as it was pretty mangy and lethargic looking. In the first picture I already had the tree for about a month and fertilized it heavily. It sprang back from more yellow then green to what you see. I had...
  3. markyscott

    Chuhin Broom Elm

    With spring growth in full swing in Houston, I'm in the busiest time of the year. Trees in development are fertilized heavily - solid fertilizer on top and liquid fertilizer every weekend. Trees are pushing huge growth - it seems like they change every time I look away for a minute. That...
  4. ColinFraser

    Chopped and ReChopped Olive

    I just potted up a little olive I bought from a landscape nursery, probably in late 2014, and I thought I'd share its evolution thus far - it's certainly been instructive for me. It was several feet tall, and I cut off all the long stuff so it could stand up in the car. One of the reasons I...
  5. Acer palmatum Sango-kaku trunk chop

    Acer palmatum Sango-kaku trunk chop

    Acquired and chopped in May 2012. I
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