brown spot

  1. BonsaiJ33

    Ficus Ginseng Help

    Hello, Very new to bonsai I tried to do my research before purchasing but got a ficus ginseng as a gift. It was root bound so I ordered a new pot with soil (it was organic apparently not the best I didn’t know). It’s on a window sill with plenty of sunshine. It’s been reported for 3 weeks now...
  2. Soulsyphon

    Help with everyone's favorite tree - Fukien Tea

    Lol. I know everyone loves these (sarcasm), but I have a fukien tea with (maybe) a fungus infection? Not too sure what it is. I've looked for pictures but don't really see anything that I can for sure identify as the same issue. The spots don't rub off. Any help with identifying the problem and...
  3. L

    Hornbeam brown spots on leaves

    Hey, I have this hornbeam, repotted it in pre-nursery pot 20 days ago. Kept it in a green house for a bit after repot, now outside. Today it started showing some brown spots on leaves (see photos attached)....what can it be? Also I noticed that there is a branch that is drying out (photo)...
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