brown spots

  1. rafa8238

    Please help with my Ficus trunk

    Hey guys, so i have this ficus ginseng (microcarpa) and a few months ago it started to show this browinsh/yellow spots, i letted it go beacause i thought it would just go with less watering but it stills there. I used to spray water on the leaves more than its supposed to so i think thats the...
  2. Wulfskaar

    Chinese Elm has brown spots

    Hi B-Nutters! I've been growing a Chinese Elm from seed and it's been doing well, for the most part. However, it is getting some brown spots on it. I could not find anything with the exact same spots. My first guess is that it's fungal, but I have seen other posts about too much water. But in...
  3. L

    Brown leaf spots - Azalea

    Hey, I received this Azalea 10 days ago via mail delivery, kept it inside for couple of days, then moved it in a small greenhouse. It was already a bit brownish on a side when I received it, and I thought it was because of the mail trip...but it still has brown spots....can you guys tell me...
  4. H

    Is my juniper dying?!? Plz help!

    Haven’t been able to figure out what is going on with my juniper tree. He’s getting brown spots! I’ve sprayed Ortho 3 in 1 insect mite and disease on the soil and some foliage bc I found some micro gray bugs in the soil. He is pretty bare compared to what he use to look like. The browning...
  5. H

    Please Help! Browning needles on juniper

    Hello!! I’m new to this forum as well as being a bonsai mama! So I’m hoping someone on here can help me! I’m having terrible anxiety about my 16yr old juniper bonsai tree, Bodhi. :( I’ve had him for about a year, I live in Florida and my bonsai resides in my screened in lanai under a clear...
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