bucida spinosa

  1. Baku1875

    Bucida spinosa 2 semi cascade boogaloo

    Another bucida! This one was a bit stagnant and after learning about soil composition, I decided to get it out of the fine akadama/cocopeat and get it in a training pot with pumice to give it more aeration and vigor this summer. Some potential opportunities here, semi cascade is going to be the...
  2. Baku1875

    Little Bucida Spinosa 3

    Had this little guy in safeTsorb, fine akadama, sand, cocopeat, and a small drainage layer of pumice in a 5 inch diameter plastic pot. It was nowhere near as vigorous as my other 3 bucidas, so it's repotting time. Thumbs down for safeTsorb and high akadama % mixes for South Florida 👎 Raked the...
  3. LeftHandLuke

    Any Hope for Bucida Spinosa (Spiny Black Olive)?

    I adopted this Bucida Spinosa from PR back in June. Probably should have waited a while before repotting but I'm a moron and that's what us morons do, so sue me. After potting, it defoliated pretty quickly but then new small buds erupted very nicely right where you'd want them to be, But those...
  4. Baku1875

    Bucida Spinosa repotting and new pedestal

    Hello fellow Nutters, I have this Bucida Spinosa that has been in development for a while, has a bit of a taper issue on that bottom right branch (the 2nd branch above it is thicker), but I have been working around that by letting the lower right keep most of its foliage and chopping back that...
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