1. SmallTreeGuy

    Identification of collected tree from Wisconsin.

    Went to Wisconsin to visit a friend and help him clear some land. On the last day I collected a tree that has a great gnarled base with a sharp turn near the ground. I have no clue what type of tree it is and was looking for some help in identifying it. Buds are just starting to break out into...
  2. Carapace

    Easy back-budding on Pinus Nigra

    I did an experiment this year, in late spring I plucked some specific needles from the young (5 years old from seed) trunk of an Austrian Black Pine (pinus nigra). I am not sure if this is anything new (it probably isn't) but in early autumn I looked at the places in which I did the plucking and...
  3. Damart81

    Collected Bald Cypress Buds

    For people who have collected bald cypress, I know the general sentiment is to leave it alone for a year. But if you have multiple buds coming out of one point do you rub them off and leave only one branch? This bc was collected in December and has been sprouting all over the place.
  4. SmallTreeGuy

    Is there any hope for budding?

    Hello all, A while back I posted about my collection of a Crape Myrtle that I collected from my yard. I’ve attached a picture of the 4 crapes that came from the larger tree. All 4 have roots and are wired into their boxes in a well draining mix. 2 of them seem to be doing well and the buds...
  5. D

    Larch not breaking buds

    Hi there! I am located in Manitoba so larch are really hardy here. I have a larch that I aquired last summer. It is about five inches tall and in training root over rock. It was fine when winter hit and stored in a bonsai shelter under snow. All my other larch bonsai are growing like mad and...
  6. ecalvillo7

    Pine question... growth without candles?

    Hi Bonsai Nuts! I got a pine from a friend some months ago and started to see some budding in the needles that were cut. It seems as if it does not grow by candles but by budding where the cut was made... so, now i don´t know if it is really a pine, or is it a different species of tree? Any help...
  7. M

    Dwarf Pomegranate

    Have a question regarding Dwarf Pomegranate that I have in training. The upper branches of mine died off but the trunk is still alive all the way up to the top. The ONLY branches now coming off the tree are suckers at the base. If I cut back the suckers, will that encourage budding higher up on...
  8. J

    Just got a Parrots beak does everything look all right?

    I got this tree about two weeks ago from our local garden center I just wanted to make sure everything looked all right the tree almost looks dead but leafs are starting to show but no current budding currently watering every other day and keeping relative humidity around 50% at 65 to 68° just...
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