1. R

    How to encourage/force a bud to break

    Is there anything other than full sun and fertilizer?
  2. MeltingSlurpee

    Question about "energy" in trees.

    Good day to all. I have read about trees using energy to push new buds(after a chop for example) and got me thinking, at what point does the energy used for new buds gets returned by said bud? I understand that green = photosynthesis Does a recently chopped tree start gaining vigour after...
  3. BeebsBonsai

    Potential Buds on White Pine Bonsai?

    Hello all, I have a white pine grafted onto a black pine base. I believe the variety I have is Vanderwolf's Pyramid. Apologies if I spelled that wrong. Anyway, I am trying to get this tree to back-bud, as when I bought it last year it was youngish and had that typical lion's tail...