1. D

    Help... what are these and what should I do?

    I found these bugs running around on my bonsai today. What are they and what do I do about them? Please help.
  2. BrightsideB

    Show us bugs on tree’s

    Thought it would be interesting and insightful to have a thread of interesting or not interesting bugs you find on your bonsai or tree’s you see in the wild. Harmful or not harmful to the tree’s. Saw this what I’m almost 100% sure is an imperial moth caterpillar on a Bald Cypress that I collect...
  3. D

    Jacaranda leaves dropping, noticed green bugs to branches

    Seeing cluster of these bugs all over the tree, not sure what those are. Could someone suggest any treatments to restore plant’s health.
  4. B

    ID on bugs?

    Hi all! Looking for help to identify these bugs that appeared on my Vietnamese Bluebell over the weekend. I have my bluebell indoor just for the winter as I live in NY. I treated the plant right away by removing what I could and spraying a mixture of dish soap and water. Want help to identify...
  5. N

    Help! Whats eating me!?

    Can anyone help identify what this is and how to treat?
  6. H

    Help! Bug ID? Bonsai suffering

    I’ve had this Chinese elm bonsai for several years now, and it has always been a quick grower and looks lovely. Last year I had a major spider mite infestation which took me most of the summer to eradicate. So I’ve been keeping a close eye on it and I’ve noticed theses tiny white bugs? (I’m...
  7. J

    EMERGENCY! My sick Fukien Tea tree has brown fuzz.. and little bugs.. Please help before it dies!

    Hello friends, I come to you in my time of need for my poor sick tree. I need some help and remedy solutions to remove this brown fuzz and these little brown/black bugs in the soil. The brown fuzz in the pictures is growing at the stems of the leaves on quite a lot of the branches. From what...
  8. chumpplays

    Strange Insect on my Juniper Leaves

    Hello everyone! I just bought my second procumbent nana the other day and upon getting it home I noticed a few of these beetle like creatures crawling around the foliage. I counted about four of them. they don't seem to run or even hide and can be easily picked off. any idea what these are and...
  9. G

    help ID'ing tiny bugs in soil

    Hey everyone, i just got a tigerbark ficus from a local nursery and noticed these tiny little bugs, i only really noticed them after disturbing the soil, they seem to stay under the surface. While crawling in the soil they look white. they might be able to hop, i was trying to nudge it with a...
  10. BrazilianMoistWood

    BRT outside on a farm?

    I’ve recently bought a Brazilian rain tree and have been wanting to put it outside for the summer but mother says I should keep it inside because of the delicate leaves. She puts her hibiscus outside in the summer and every fall when she brings it back in it has spider mites on it. I live on a...
  11. V

    Tiny/Microscopic Bugs in Bonsai, Leaves Spotting

    Hi! I got a Ficus Bonsai last week, and it seemed perfectly fine. As the soil was completely dry, I watered it the next day, and many tiny microscopic insects came to the surface of the soil, and then crawled back down. When I lifted the pot from the plate (where the water drains), there were...
  12. B

    Bonsai Dying.. Help!

    She is a pink pixie bonsai tree that is only 2 years old. She has not blossomed yet, but has been very healthy and full until last week. She has always been an indoor tree, but sits near windows. We moved at the end of July and she took to the move well. I prune her about every month. About 2...
  13. Danial son

    Tree is looking rough.... advice please

    Hi guys, I wrote before about the big leaves on my Chinese Elm. I planned on repotting my tree a few weeks ago but haven't got to it yet. I notice my tree has been losing leaves with quite a few dead /yellow leaves on it now. The tree was a gift and...
  14. j evans

    Need a Doctor

    I have another thread for my burning bush but thought more views would be possible in a new thread. I am guessing that these are spider mites? Confusing that you can see them, the black but what is the white? Do you just wash these off or I have some fungicide that says it is for spider mites...
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