1. American Holly bonsai

    American Holly bonsai

    Just put this in blue and white porcelain pot. It's a yardadori I collected a few years back.
  2. Oak Literati fall 2023

    Oak Literati fall 2023

    Collected this oak a few years ago and it's still hanging around.
  3. shohin_branches

    shohin_branches' limber pine bunjin

    June 24th 2022 Todd Schlafer Workshop MABA 202two Limber pine had been collected three years earlier and put into solid pumice. How it started Partway through the workshop. I normally work with smaller material so wiring this was interesting. At the end. Wasn't fully happy with it but...
  4. Juniperus Virginiana penjing literati bunjin

    Juniperus Virginiana penjing literati bunjin

    Juniperus Virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar) penjing after some wiring Sept. 2023
  5. Chinese Privet literati style

    Chinese Privet literati style

    110 cm (44") tall. It was difficult to get it entirely in the picture and focused. Needs many more years of age and development.
  6. Wild Black Cherry bonsai literati slant style bunjin

    Wild Black Cherry bonsai literati slant style bunjin

    Repotted in February into a pot that it could be wired into place better. Also made it a little more upright. It's 22 inches tall but was around 10 feet tall when collected in 2020.
  7. Juniperus Virginiana Literati Bunjin

    Juniperus Virginiana Literati Bunjin

    Eastern Redcedar Literati 45 cm tall
  8. Craps Myrtle

    Craps Myrtle

    30+ years old with added growth and blossoms in 2022! Will prune back when blossoms are finished.
  9. Crape Myrtle

    Crape Myrtle

    38 inches tall - 30+ years old My father planted this tree in the back yard in the early 90's. It was slowly dying. I fertilized it for a year and eventually collected it when it seemed to be healthier in 2021.
  10. Clicio

    Shimpaku Literati styling

    Two versions of this tree, as it is now and a virtual, taking off the lower left branch. I think it feels lighter and more elegant without the branch, but my concern is with the health of the tree; too little foliage and junipers struggle. Should I jin it anyway and hope for the best? As it is...
  11. LeoMame

    Japanese Red Pine - Pinus Densiflora question

    Hello Bonsai people! One question for you, I'd like to understand if in your knowledge you could understand if this JRP I just purchased is grafted (possibly on JBP) or not? In my opinion, I have no elements to say it is, but I'd also like to know from your experience. The "knob" at the base...
  12. Hartinez

    The Literati/Bunjin Thread

    @MACH5 started a maple literati thread and many of us, myself included, didn’t notice that it was a maple only thread! Thought I’d start a Literati thread for all tree types. Once again, let’s keep it similar to “the tree thread” or “ the shohin tree thread”. IF YOU COMMENT YOU'VE GOT TO...
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