1. LeoMame

    Japanese Red Pine - Pinus Densiflora question

    Hello Bonsai people! One question for you, I'd like to understand if in your knowledge you could understand if this JRP I just purchased is grafted (possibly on JBP) or not? In my opinion, I have no elements to say it is, but I'd also like to know from your experience. The "knob" at the base...
  2. Hartinez

    The Literati/Bunjin Thread

    @MACH5 started a maple literati thread and many of us, myself included, didn’t notice that it was a maple only thread! Thought I’d start a Literati thread for all tree types. Once again, let’s keep it similar to “the tree thread” or “ the shohin tree thread”. IF YOU COMMENT YOU'VE GOT TO...
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