buxus sempervirens

  1. G

    My First Buxus/Boxwood initial styling

    As a beginner, I keep trying to find some trees that have potential to be a bonsai frpm nursery stocks. Some days ago I found a boxwood (I assume it's a buxus sempervirens) and today I applied it's initial style. I'm planning to change the pot at the beginning of the spring and apply some angle...
  2. Biophilumia

    Saving 3 Boxwoods (eventually, hopefully for bonsai?)

    Location: Central Pennsylvania I should start by saying I'm completely new to bonsai... so, there was a small boxwood shrub in my grandparents garden, and I've been REALLY wanting to get into bonsai for like, years now, and I overheard the gardener talking about how the other small boxwoods...
  3. peh3

    Styling advice for a common boxwood

    Hello, I got myself a common boxwood a week or two ago and attempted to style it a bit. So I cut off a lot of the top to get a better look and I'm unsure how to continue. So I figured I might aswell ask here since people give great suggestions. It looked like this: And I reduced it to this...
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