1. T

    Acer Palmatum 'Beni Maiko', difference between that and standard Acer Palmatum?

    I'm thinking of grabbing some, but have never tried a Japanese maple. Was told the Standard Japanese maple was stronger, faster growing and could handle cold better than others. Is Beni Maiko a good maple tree to start on? What are the differences? Are they cared for/pruned/ built the same...
  2. Bonsilot

    Looking to buy Pumice (Central Coast, CA)

    I'm looking to buy some pumice locally for relatively cheap. I live between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbra, California, and have had no luck at local nurseries, stores (like Home Depot, Lowes, and Farm Supply), or bulk garden/stone suppliers. The cheapest pumice I have found is "E.B.Stone...
  3. D

    Where to buy Brazilian raintree

    Hello, I'm from Portugal and im having trouble getting a BRT. Can someone recomend some website where i can buy it from or some private seller from EU ? All i can find are sellers who ship only in America, Im looking for seeds or small trees . If someone can help i would really apretitate...
  4. D

    Where to order in Canada

    Hey all! New-ish to bonsai, was wondering if there’s any stores or online that will ship to Canada. I live in Alberta and my local nurseries just doesn’t have anything other than ficus. Mainly looking for shimpakus and Japanese pines.
  5. MattE

    Where to buy/order in Canada

    Hey Fellow peeps! Its been a while since i have been on here, i have looked every where and other than 2 sites i found, where can i buy bonsais online that ship to or are form canada , i live in alberta and i just cant seem to find that many. looking for a chinese elm or shimpaku ect
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