1. Brian Van Fleet

    Stewartia Monadelpha

    I have always wanted a Stewartia, and in December 2018, I had the opportunity to dig one from a grower’s field in Georgia: Bare-rooted and washed off the Georgia red clay when I got it home: Potted: By late May, 2019, it was pretty strong, and clearly hadn’t skipped a beat from being dug and...
  2. Brian Van Fleet

    Corkbark JBP, ‘Taihei’

    This is a Corkbark JBP cultivar that showed promising bark in the photos. I bought it from a grower, Dave DeWire, out in WA in 2009. I’ve showed pix over the years, but it hasn’t had its own thread yet. These are as offered from the grower in 2009: It’s about 24” tall.
  3. Brian Van Fleet

    Shohin Shimpaku Air Layer

    The parent tree was also from Evergreen Gardenworks, it has a thread here called Crazy Shimpaku. As purchased in 2013: Here was the air layer:
  4. Brian Van Fleet

    Shohin crabapple, ‘sargentii’

    This one came from Evergreen Gardenworks in 2016. Good movement for a small crabapple. Here is a shot from it as received.
  5. Brian Van Fleet

    Satsuki Azalea ‘Kinsai’

    I got this azalea in May 2017, just at the end of blooming. Since Kinsai is a hybrid cultivar, it’s risky to buy them out of bloom. Their flowers can permanently revert from the desired bright-red, spider-like petals to the paler pink fuller petals. Once the fuller petals take over, that’s it...
  6. Brian Van Fleet

    Prunus mume stock from Evergreen Gardenworks

    Here is an ume I bought from Brent in a 1-gal can in January 2010. It was planted deep, and I potted it higher when I transplanted it to that terra cotta pot (bottom of the photo) a couple months later, somewhere around a 1/2" thick trunk. The tree after 4 seasons in the ground. The tag is...
  7. Brian Van Fleet

    Crazy Shimpaku from Evergreen Gardenworks

    Starting a thread on this one... From Brent at Evergreen Gardenworks in February 2014. As offered: And as it arrived: Potted:
  8. Brian Van Fleet

    Shohin Clump Japanese Maple

    Starting a thread on this maple from @Don Blackmond. I needed something to round out a shohin display, and this was an interesting addition. I bought it in leaf, but here are some shots from before I bought it.
  9. Brian Van Fleet

    Arakawa JBP

    Here is an Arakawa variety of JBP from Telperion farms. I bought it a year ago and have spent the growing season looking at different options. It has fantastic bark, a nice base, good movement and taper...and plenty of well-placed branches to work with. Pretty sure this will be the front when...
  10. Brian Van Fleet

    Corkbark JBP, 'Hachi Gen'

    This Hachi-Gen was one of about 8 cultivars I worked with. I bought it because it was cutting-grown. It came from Brent Walston's Evergreen Gardenworks. Here is the description from his catalog: Pinus thunbergii 'Hachi Gen' (Cork Bark Black Pine) We obtained this cultivar from Ken Sugimoto...
  11. Brian Van Fleet

    Pseudocydonia, Chinese Quince

    I couldn't find a thread on this one, so here is a new one. I bought this Chinese Quince in 2006 on eBay, from Sebastapol CA (first photo). It went in the ground in 2007, and stayed there 8 years, unattended, with the exception of several trunk chops. I wish I would have chopped the second...
  12. Brian Van Fleet

    BVF PP Maple

    This trident was dug today. It has been in the ground most of 10 years, and I've been eyeing it for a sumo-shohin. It might be too big for my plan, but we'll see how things go of the next few years. It's going to need a lot of root work to get there. My entry for the big PP contest: :D
  13. Brian Van Fleet

    "Seattle Elm"

    I visited Bonsai Northwest in Seattle when my wife and I were visiting her dad in Gig Harbor back in 1997. I bought a corkbark Chinese Elm and pot, and wired it out. This is the earliest photo I can find; from around 1998. I sold it 10-12 years ago, but did start some root cuttings at some...
  14. Brian Van Fleet

    Corkbark JBP, Kyokko Yatsubusa

    Some photos are around the forum on this, but no thread, so here's the development of this one since purchased from Don Blackmond in fall 2008. The backdrop here is a standard card table, for a bit of scale:
  15. Brian Van Fleet

    Twisted Itoigawa

    A new pickup... Yesterday I introduced some Shari, reduced the jins a bit, and repotted it into some fresh soil and an old Bigei pot. This year, I'll pull in the apex a little, get the primary branches twisted up some more, and let it grow!
  16. Brian Van Fleet

    Another Itoigawa

    It has been a couple years since I purchased a bonsai. This one just came from Don Blackmond (highly recommended) at Gregory Beach Bonsai. it has a little history here at BNut, so I thought I'd share: 2009: 2010...
  17. Brian Van Fleet

    Ginkgo from seed

    In 1996 I collected 11 ginkgo fruits (incredibly foul-smelling), and seven of them grew; 4 are still living. This one has been in the ground in Iowa, chopped back annually for the last 14 years, and was dug this spring. My buddy brought it down this weekend, thought I'd share. It's about 18"...
  18. Brian Van Fleet

    Shohin trident ? For Smoke

    Al...I'd appreciate your thoughts on the next move for this trident in the ground. The horizontal chop is 5" above the soil, and this photo is the approximate front. The goal is true shohin, so it will sit another .75" higher in a pot. Would you cut that short, straight 2nd section and try...
  19. Brian Van Fleet

    Updated my JBP PDF

    This article on developing a JBP has been mentioned several times over the years. I had a chance to update it again, through this spring. It may be updated again at some point in another year or so, but here is the new link to the updated article. Enjoy...
  20. Brian Van Fleet

    Itoigawa juniper Stock

    Anyone see a bonsai in that bush? Comments, criticisms and virts welcome...
  21. Brian Van Fleet

    My 'Ben Oki' azalea

    This kurume azalea was one of several I collected from the front yard of our first house in 2000. This one really caught my eye, double trunk, decent crawling nebari, and a great double trunk. I dug it in '00 or '01. Ths '02 image is the earliest digital photo I have. Somewhere, I have one...
  22. Brian Van Fleet

    Shimpaku from Evergreen Gardenworks

    I posted a sneak-preview of this on a different thread, and decided to start one that will hopefully run for some years to come. This is is a shimpaku from Brent Walston; among his first and largest, and has happily moved South! If it has a good winter, I may start some training this spring...
  23. Brian Van Fleet

    Prunus Mume

    Looks like the ume may flower this year. I worked on it with Peter in April, let it grow out all spring, then wired it mid-summer. After the leaves fell, the buds just kept swelling; the thing just doesn't go dormant. The flower buds are the swelling buds, flanking the smaller leaf buds...
  24. Brian Van Fleet

    Collected Hawthorn History

    Since you asked...and since I keep decent records... Littlehip Hawthorn, Crataegus spathulata 1999, winter, a few months after moving to Birmingham, I went into a nearby woods to scout some collecting sites. I found this hawthorn growing in an area that appeared to be a seldom-used dirt...
  25. Brian Van Fleet

    Peter Warren Japanese Black Pine

    Continued from the Announcements Forum so we can see updates over time... Here are a few shots of the JBP he started down the road to bonsai last weekend. The basic structure is there, we just need to thicken and add movement to the straight section of apex, and hold back some of the growth...
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