california native

  1. J

    Western Honey Mesquite

    Hey all, first thread here and wanted to show the progression I'll be going through with this Western Honey Mesquite (Prosopis Glandulosa var. Torreyana) 4/23/2023 This was the tree when I saw it a nursery a few weeks ago From this angle the trunk is about 3" however, both nebari and trunk...
  2. Bu-Jetjet

    Upright California Native Knobcone Pine

    Hello folks! I was tempted to include this for the five-year native challenge, but it wouldn’t be fair since I’ve been training this little guy in a pot for the past 6 years. It’s a Knobcone Pine I rescued from a garden that was being remodeled back in 2015. Some say it’s an “Urban Yamadori”...
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