1. L

    Picked up some Callistemon stock today

    Found a few of these in the “rehab section” of my local nursery today. Picked the one I thought had the most character. Paid 10 bones for it. Going to bury the nebari and put it in a larger pot to let it fatten up and get healthy for a season. I’ll reevaluate next season to see if it’s ready for...
  2. ColinFraser

    A Wee BottleBrush (Callistemon) Stump

    I noticed that the new neighbors of a family member were re-landscaping their recently purchased home. For as long as I can remember, there has been a bottlebrush at the entrance to the driveway, usually under a large sphere of foliage and flowers as seen in this google street view from a few...
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