1. D

    *Canada* Help! - Japanese Maple For Sale?

    First post here! Does anyone know where I can source Japanese Maples in Canada w/ Purchase online? I see the USA has lot's of vendors like MR.Maple; Eastern Leaf; etc. I'm located in British Columbia and not sure how to import. If anyone will point me in the right direction I'd appreciate...
  2. Boex

    New to Bonsai in Montreal Canada

    Hello everyone, I've been interested in growing bonsai for years now and just found this forum which seems to have a lot of passionate members. Living in an apartment, with no good sunlight, I haven't really had the opportunity to start yet, but after visiting a friend of mine and randomly...
  3. Bonsai_Rookie

    Considering to grow a Snow Rose mostly indoors (From seed)

    Hello everyone! I am new to bonsai business and I am currently considering to attempt to grow a Snow Rose Bonsai mostly indoors **FROM THE SEED**. Location challenges: Canada, Quebec, close to Ottawa. Temperature: Constant around 68 degrees fahrenheit and 77 degrees fahrenheit (except in...
  4. H

    Tiger Bark Ficus Loosing Leaves?

    Hi! I’m new to this group. I found it when searching for help… my small tiger bark bonsai (still in original planter and same moss) has been losing leaves. Now, I messaged the vendor who sold me the tree. He is a very reputable seller and cares for his plants very well so I felt confident in...
  5. Fishy_pow

    Collected Pinus strobus sapling, needles half length

    Hey guys, I just want to share that I collected this Pinus strobus, Eastern White Pine sapling with needles half the original length of the pine needles. It started out as a seedling in leaf mold but in it's third or fourth year the roots ended up hitting the heavy clay soil underneath the leaf...
  6. First image of Yugen

    First image of Yugen

    This is the earliest image I have of Yugen. I had already applied some guy wire
  7. Tsugamori's first bonsai pot

    Tsugamori's first bonsai pot

    This is the picture of me with Tsugamori after I potted her into her first bonsai pot. The pot is a rather cheap Chinese oval, but it works well enough. The previous training pot was filled to the brim with roots and very visible mycorrhiza. Minimal root pruning was done. Pure pumice added
  8. IMG_20200125_163852_576[1].jpg


    The hemlock in its original training box with no styling save for a branch or two being removed by former owner. Originally harvested by Anton Nijhuis from a high elevation bog on Vancouver Island. Approximately 200 years old. Was in training box for four years.
  9. Bad_Bonsai

    Well developed Canadian Bonsai

    Can anyone share some examples of well developed Canadian Species of Bonsai? I've been at it for about 3 years, with some success (and a lot of failures) I've sharpened my skills on mainly garden tree materials from local nurseries but I'm approaching my third spring season and I've still got...
  10. D

    Where to order in Canada

    Hey all! New-ish to bonsai, was wondering if there’s any stores or online that will ship to Canada. I live in Alberta and my local nurseries just doesn’t have anything other than ficus. Mainly looking for shimpakus and Japanese pines.
  11. MrJesseStrong

    Shimpaku Styling - Tak Yamaura field grown junipers styled by myself

    Here's 3 Shimpaku junipers Ive styled recently. Tak Yamaura is Western Canada's most recognized bonsai professional with a history going back to Japan in the 60s and 70s. He owns a great nursery here in Surrey, BC. Most of the field grown junipers and black pine in my garden I have acquired from...
  12. MattE

    Where to buy/order in Canada

    Hey Fellow peeps! Its been a while since i have been on here, i have looked every where and other than 2 sites i found, where can i buy bonsais online that ship to or are form canada , i live in alberta and i just cant seem to find that many. looking for a chinese elm or shimpaku ect
  13. cockroach

    Toronto Bonsai Sights

    I will be heading to To. with my wife for a month tomorrow. Where should I go if I want to see some bonsai related sights and places? We will also be driving to Quebec for a 3-4 day stay so any places there or along the way please let me know. Thanks
  14. Dane Kofoed

    Lavender Star dropped leaves

    This starter Lavender Star tree was purchased from a bonsai nursery in late October in Toronto Canada. Brought it home, watered moderately (weekly or slightly more), misted a little in between, placed near a window with NO direct sunlight. The leaves slowly dried up entirely. It has been placed...
  15. Bonsai Supply

    Canada – Bonsai Seeds for Sale

    Hello again! We are a small business in Canada who specializes in supplies for bonsai hobbyists. Recently we started selling a variety of tree seeds of specially selected varieties that are well suited for bonsai cultivation. Check out our website at...
  16. cole morton

    Collection Rules on Vacocouver Island (BC)

    I am new to Bonsai, and am very interested in collecting specimens from the wild (Along highways, in parks .etc). However I am having an extremely difficult time finding anything about the regulations surrounding recreational plant collection. Does anyone know of general rules/where to find...
  17. Ashley Keller

    New Black Clay Series

    I have recently posted a new series of black clay bonsai pots for sale on my website that were inspired by some Japanese work that I have been studying. If you have any questions please let me know. Titles below link to my website where they can be purchased. Will ship world wide. Yellow Splash...
  18. Ashley Keller

    New June pots listed

    Hi there! I've recently listed a few new pots for sale and wanted to share a few of my favourites here. Shipping available worldwide. Titles for each piece link out to my online store where you can find other pieces as well. 6.25" Rectangle Bonsai Pot Unglazed Red Clay 4.75" Round...
  19. Bonsai Supply

    Bonsai Supplies in Canada

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce ourselves. We are a small business in Canada who recently launched an e-commerce business selling bonsai supplies online. We have a great selection of bonsai soil, tools, wire, figurines / mud men, pots and books. Would love your feedback on our products and...
  20. Bavarian Raven

    Ideas / Suggestions welcome :) - blueberry

    Hello, I'm new here and relatively new to Bonsai as well. I have spent a lot of time (too much time :oops: ) researching and googling Bonsai and related topics. :eek: Anyways, as seen in the picture below (not the best picture, sorry!), I managed to salvage this little wild blueberry bush...
  21. MattE

    Newbie Questions :P

    Hey everyone!, Im so happy i found this site i have been doing so much research on The art of bonsai. A question i have is being that i live in canada and the summers are up to +33C some times hotter and winters are -30 C some times colder lol. Whats a good plant to start with i really like the...
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