1. Seedling

    What can I do about these pests? (Fukien)

    I noticed these small pests in my Carmona's tray. It looks like there's two different types, the first is small and almost transparent and the second is even smaller and dark. Are they different stages of the same species? I tried taking photos of them but they looked blurry since they were too...
  2. D

    Fukien tea survived

    Hello! I had a recent post somewhere in april or something like that related to my fukien tea. It started to drop leaves and there were barely any leaves left at some point and thought it was dying. Hot season came, put the bonsai outside and now it's full of life/ Cut off all the dead branches...
  3. S

    Should I repot?

    6 days ago I was at Lowe's to get some potting soil and couldn't resist the price of their "bonsai" trees. I got a fukien tea. I know everyone hates them but I couldn't resist for only $20 and I previously had one for 1 year that did well until I moved. I live sort of close to Houston, TX, zone...
  4. P

    Help with changing soil carmona bonsai please?

    I'm thinking about changing the soil, can anyone help me, it grows indoors under light and also at the window when the sun is out. I'm ok to change the soil now? Should I leave the old soil close to the roots and just work around it? Which soil should I get? Thanks in advance
  5. bbelbuken

    Is my Carmona dying?

    Hello people, I am new to the bonsai forum and to the tradition itself. Recently I have 2 ficuses, a dwarf jade and a pachira aquatica. 2 months ago i have ordered a carmona bonsai from a online nursery to add it to my collection. However, as soon as i got the tree i have noticed some little...
  6. P

    Carmona advice needed

    Hey everyone, any advice to help keep my bonsai alive and healthy would be appreciated! This is my first bonsai, I live in the UK, coming into winter. I was told that this tree is roughly 15 years old. That radiator is never on. I am considering an indoor light but I don't have a clue how...
  7. M

    Styling Advice for Fukien Tea

    Hi everyone, I bought this fukien tea about a month ago. It wasn't looking too good when I got it but it's growing very well now. I'm looking for styling advice because I feel it's too lanky but don't really know what to do with it. There's some inverse taper happening where all the branches...
  8. B

    Fukien Tea Tree Help!

    Hello Everyone, My girlfriend and I recently repotted her Fukien Tea Tree from regular garden soil. It's roughly 5+ years old and she's never had problems with it until we repotted it. We repotted it into a bigger pot and we used a potting soil mixed with a blend of "horticultural grade...
  9. P

    Dark points under the foliage on my Carmona fukien tea cutting

    Hello everyone, I planted this cutting about 2 months ago and it did pretty well and was flowering and even had a new shoot I just found out that there are dark marks under the leafs, this kid seems ill, Can anyone help me what to do about it?
  10. N

    White fungus on top soil of Carmona, soon after repotting

    Hello, I have had a fukien tea tree for about four years and repotted for the first time a few weeks ago. I was having a problem with mealy bugs that were persisting after multiple treatment methods so I decided to repot because the tree had still been healthy/producing new leaves throughout...
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