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    Carmona advice needed

    Hey everyone, any advice to help keep my bonsai alive and healthy would be appreciated! This is my first bonsai, I live in the UK, coming into winter. I was told that this tree is roughly 15 years old. That radiator is never on. I am considering an indoor light but I don't have a clue how...
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    Styling Advice for Fukien Tea

    Hi everyone, I bought this fukien tea about a month ago. It wasn't looking too good when I got it but it's growing very well now. I'm looking for styling advice because I feel it's too lanky but don't really know what to do with it. There's some inverse taper happening where all the branches...
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    Fukien Tea Tree Help!

    Hello Everyone, My girlfriend and I recently repotted her Fukien Tea Tree from regular garden soil. It's roughly 5+ years old and she's never had problems with it until we repotted it. We repotted it into a bigger pot and we used a potting soil mixed with a blend of "horticultural grade...
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    Dark points under the foliage on my Carmona fukien tea cutting

    Hello everyone, I planted this cutting about 2 months ago and it did pretty well and was flowering and even had a new shoot I just found out that there are dark marks under the leafs, this kid seems ill, Can anyone help me what to do about it?
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    White fungus on top soil of Carmona, soon after repotting

    Hello, I have had a fukien tea tree for about four years and repotted for the first time a few weeks ago. I was having a problem with mealy bugs that were persisting after multiple treatment methods so I decided to repot because the tree had still been healthy/producing new leaves throughout...
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