carpinus betulus

  1. Rabe

    Carpinus betulus, ground/box race.

    Got some Carpinus betulus for in the garden to screen of ugly wooden fencing. I bought 5 of them, but only needed 4 for in the ground (raised bed). I had build a grow box a while ago and thought this was a nice opportunity to see how well a young Carpinus would grow in a growbox with Terramol...
  2. ConorDash

    European Hornbeam #2

    Hello All, Tree from BobbyLane, bought this season 03-07-2019. Big lump of a multi-trunk thing. Bobby has done all the work on this so far, cut trunks shorter and hard cut back on any growth. It was in a huge air pot originally, he has also repotted so Its just for me to look at for now...
  3. Hornbeam


    In new pot
  4. ConorDash

    European Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus)

    A hornbeam purchased from @BobbyLane in August 2018. Nice chunky trunk with movement, character, a good load of carving done by Bobby and good spread nebari to improve over time. DSC_0087 by Conor Dashwood, on Flickr DSC_0088 by Conor Dashwood, on Flickr DSC_0091 by Conor Dashwood, on Flickr...
  5. Carpinus multi trunk

    Carpinus multi trunk

  6. European Hornbeam

    European Hornbeam

  7. hornbeam basic structure

    hornbeam basic structure

  8. Hornbeam Hollow

    Hornbeam Hollow

  9. dirk hoorelbeke

    Carpinus betulus, Hornbeam nebari

    Developped from 1 year old plant. Planted in the ground and groundlayer one year later. This is the second repot after that. It's basically a stick in a pot with a rootbase. I planned to groundgrow this one but I was afraid to lose the rootbase so I put it back in the box. If I want a tapering...
  10. The Four Brothers

    The Four Brothers

    Hornbeam material
  11. 20180313_204302.jpg


  12. BobbyLane

    Carpinus B

    Hi folks I have another European Hornbeam project in progress, thought i'd share... kaizen have a few of these hornbeam stumps and funnily enough this was one of the cheaper ones, i found this piece the most interesting though and it gives some options, along with well developed primarys, i...
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