1. B

    My cedrus seems dying after repotting

    Hi all, New to the forum and relatively new to bonsai’s. On mid September i have repotted my cedrus which i bought from nursery stock and styled end of spring. I live in Greece and at that time and till before a week weather was quite warm (around 17-27 Celcius). I took the risk to repot because...
  2. B

    Cedrus Identification and Repotting Help

    Hi there, So I recently picked up this little cedar from a local flower seller who didn't seem to know much about bonsai cultivation. As a result, it's been potted in a dish with no drainage holes and to be honest I'm too scared to check out the root structure (hopefully it's not just a...
  3. KP45

    Preparing a Young Atlas Cedar

    Hi! I bought an Atlas Cedar just a little while back. I've wanted one for a really long time so when I saw this one in a garden center I picked one up. As it is it's pretty skinny, no trunk taper to speak of, I'm finding it a little hard to envision what the tree could potentially become. Was...
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