ceramic pot

  1. T

    Where to look at quality pots for inspiration and find dimensions?

    Basically working with someone who is great with ceramics and they're willing to teach me about it as we both try and learn bonsai pots. I'd use my pots but most of mine are quite cheap ones until I get better/build nicer trees. So yea looking for advice on things like wall thickness, I've read...
  2. Maya

    Pot with swastika stamp

    I recently acquired a bonsai pot with a swastika stamp on the bottom. I've noticed that it's notably heavier than modern pots. I'm curious to learn more about the artist behind this unique piece and the historical context of the swastika symbol in bonsai pottery. Any insights or information...
  3. vancehanna

    Olive multi-trunk

    I got this little raft from Kathy Oyoung, Modesto Bonsai Club some time back( I traded her a nifty little Hanna tray style pot) and decided to plant this group this AM…. No wires yet, as it’s too fragile… in a few months when it is settled in some wiring and such! PS: Hanna pot..hah!
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