1. I

    Ceramics enthusiast, new to bonsai and have pot questions.

    Hello! I am a newbie to bonsai and have become quite addicted. As someone who is also interested and experienced in ceramics, I'm getting more and more fascinated by bonsai pots, infact I would love to make my own. However I know very little about bonsai pots (besides the selection process for...
  2. trigo

    On round pots, must the apex always break the lateral boundary?

    Ryan Neil says that on round pots the apex of the tree must always break lateral boundary of the pot, do you guys agree?? i see lots of round pots with centered trees on them... with their apexes also centered. If one goes with an harmonic design, shouldn't the pot also be symetrical with the...
  3. StoneForest

    The Education of a Bonsai Potter

    Hello to all, new to the forum and looking forward to your valuable input. I have been a full time potter for sixteen years, and two years ago I began studying bonsai. As a master gardener the art drew me in and I have several trees of my own. I began making bonsai pots alongside my...
  4. Gsquared

    Latest slab pots

    Been working hard in the studio for the last few months. Here are some of the pots I’ve been making. Still working on a website, but if you see anything you like, PM me. I did a lot of nerikomi pots this fall. Using 4 different clay bodies blended together. In the US and UK it is often...
  5. Roy Minarai

    Some new stuff

    Been a while since I posted, thought I'd post some new pots that came out of the kiln recently. Contrary to what some would have people believe, the construction quality, thickness of walls (which isn't really an issue for me, I slab build everything and my slab roller is pretty precise ) and...
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