chaenomeles japonica

  1. SeanS

    Flowering quince clump progression

    Thread for the progress of my Japanese flowering quince clump. Started from nursery material in November 2020. I’m unsure of the flower colour, it was marked as “pink or white” at the nursery. Also unsure of the cultivar, also just marked as “chaenomeles” As purchased After the initial cut...
  2. electronfusion

    Aesthetic Problem Or Disease Problem?

    I bought this texas scarlet chaenomeles japonica at a big box store last month, since it looked healthy, large, and relatively low priced. It was only after I took it home and started chopping away all the twiggy growth that I noticed my intended trunk has some reverse taper in spots. If it just...
  3. szelelaci

    Japanese quince clump

    This is the quince I salvaged two months ago when electricity works removed it from its spot to install new lamp posts. The individual shoots fused together, so it is one big clump. The base is about 6" wide and the tallest trunk is 4". Autumn was quite hot, so it pushed a few shoots. It will...
  4. Clicio

    Should I give up on my Japanese Quince? It is sick, help needed.

    After one year caring for this Chaenomeles in training, and having fought against spider mites during the end of the summer, I am lost to why it is still behaving badly this winter. It bloomed in Autumn. It didn't drop its leaves in the Fall. Leaves are losing their green color, chlorosis like...
  5. Mihai

    Yet another quince thread

    Hello nuts, found this in a pile of semi-discarded plants at the back of a nursery for about 6 dollars. What would you do with it? I'm thinking shohin, with one main trunk as it actually has some usable taper for a quince, maybe slanted/cascade... Thoughts?
  6. parhamr

    Japanese quince clump

    I recently dug up this bush from my yard. It was planted by the former homeowner in clay-heavy soil and several winters of ice storms had made a mess of this quince. I think it’s a Chaenomeles japonica because the flowers are red, the leaves are thin, it has large thorns, and the bark is...
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