chamaecyparis obtusa 'nana gracilis'

  1. Anjin Blackthumb

    Dwarf Hinoki (Nana Gracilis) issues

    Greetings everyone. Been a couple years since my first post. Still have about a million questions, but I'll go one at a time. So, I found a pretty good size hinoki at a local nursery. Loved the trunk movement when I got into the plant, couldn't resist taking it home with me. Ref: Zone 5...
  2. Koenye

    Digging out an old Hinoki Cypres

    Just wanted to share this nice find. Hinoki’s a.k.a Chamaecyparis are my absolute favorite! Got the chance to dig out this old lady from someone’s garden. Had to cut a few taproots and it took about 1 hour in total. Hopefully it can recover! First styling will be autumn 2023.
  3. Clicio

    Repot window of my Hinoki Cypress - Expert suggestions needed.

    I got this Chamaecyparis Obtusa Nana Gracilis, non-grafted, nice trunk, plenty of ramification, and very healthy. Before doing any cleaning, pruning, branch choice or styling, I have to take care of the soil. Absolutely horrible muck, takes ages to drain (in fact it doesn't drain at all even...
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