1. Backwardsvg

    Bald Cypress Suburbs of Chicago

    I am looking for some bald cypress in the suburbs of Chicago area. I have called a few big box stores they do not have any and I have called a few nurserys but for a caliper of 1- 2 inch they are asking $400 bucks. I may just get some seedlings, but I wanted to maybe find some on discount at the...
  2. Backwardsvg

    Zone specific forums

    Not sure if this would be useful to everyone but sometimes I read a thread and realize it’s incredible information only to find out it’s for a different growing zone. Would it be worth while to have a forum section by zones? Then if you search in there you know all information and tips would be...
  3. ChicagoBonsai

    Type of tree and white stuff?

    Hi there - Returning back to bonsai after many years. So excited. Picked this up at a local shop but I’m unsure of the species. 1) does this look like Fukien tea to you? 2) is the pot too small? 3) should I be concerned about the white substance on the branches / trunk? thanks in advance and...
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