chinese elm air layer ulmus parvifolia

  1. LeftHandLuke

    Advice for Cork Bark Shohin-in-Training (ulmus parvifolia)

    I'm inexperienced with shohin-sized trees and could use some advice on what this guy needs in the way of trimming and/or wiring to set him up for next season. I get the feeling that there are some obvious "Bonsai 101" techniques that I'm overlooking but haven't been able to see the forest for...
  2. ConorDash

    Chinese Elm, shohin from air layer

    Hello, So this is my little Chinese elm, mallsai that I air layered the top off about 2-3 weeks ago. It's looking a hell of a lot better than the top half is, but that's a different story. What I wanted to ask, was what kind of paths would people now go down with this? Sorry the pictures...
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