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  1. C

    New to growing new bonsai with Chinese Elm

    I’m new to bonsai’s but I started last year with sprouting Chinese Elm. It’s a wonderful tree, and loves the kitchen atrium where it faces south. I repotted in the Spring, and did a little bit of pruning because it outgrew the pot. But then I read afterwards that I should not have repotted or...
  2. W

    No growth this summer

    Hey this summer my chinese elm has had very limited growth. The growth that it has had is very brittle and often develops yellow/transparent spots and eventually falls off. Last year i had light green long shoots growing basically on a day to day basis, but this year the new shoots rarely make...
  3. M

    Mail-order Tree Aftercare

    Hey all, I received a few new elms in the mail and I was unsure what the suggested care for them immediately after receiving them was. I read that fertilizing should be kept off for a few weeks but couldn't really find any solid information about whether or not to protect them from the wind or...
  4. W

    Can a nutrient deficient appear spontaneously (Chinese Elm)

    Hi About a week or two ago I posted a thread regarding what I thought at the time was a form of fungal infection or pest on my Chinese elm, and a few kind people replied, with the majority of them deeming it to be a nutrient deficiency (mainly N). Initially this seemed like a reasonable...
  5. W

    Fungus or something else?

    Hello, just today when I went to look on my Chinese elm I noticed that the surface of the new leaves had become spotty. The tree has just started shooting quite aggressively about 1/2 weeks ago, as I had failed to care for it properly throughout the winter. Could anyone tell me what is going on...
  6. W

    Intentional or random growth??

    Hello I have been wondering about this weirdly long and vertical branch at the end of one of the lower pads on my Chinese elm, but since its been there since way before I bought the tree I hadn't cut it, since I thought there must be a reason for it being there. Should I just cut this branch...
  7. DaManley

    Thoughts on repotting and pruning

    Hey everyone! Hopefully this is an appropriate thread to post my questions in. So I have two common beginner trees, Ficus Benjamina (Midnight, from what the person I bought it from told me) and a Chinese Elm. I am curious on people's thought of the current soil in each of them and on pruning...
  8. W

    Why are my trunks spiral?

    Hey, I have these two trees, a Chinese Elm and a Japanese maple, and I noticed that both have this spiral bend of the trunk, however a lot of the trees I see online do not have this bend. Is it a custom to create these shapes, or am I justified in finding it slightly tacky and unnatural?
  9. M

    Chinese Elm: Weird Leaf Drop

    I have had a Chinese elm for about a year and a half now. It has generally been very happy and healthy out on my front porch. But lately I have been having some unusual leaf drop. It is still producing new growth but every day at least a half dozen old leaves turn yellow, brittle, and drop...
  10. J

    Root System of Brussel’s Chinese Elm

    I’m new to bonsai (first year). I ordered a couple of Chinese elm pre-bonsai from Brussel’s awhile back. I could feel something hard in the middle of the planter, but figured it was some growing medium or planter feature. Awhile back, I pulled out one of them, and the trunk basically went into...
  11. apexmusic420

    Help getting ideas with styling this bonsai and repotting it soon. Any tips?

    So I bought this bonsai from Amazon 2 months ago and I'm starting to see new growth, I'm not sure what to do with it, do I let it grow for ramification or do I need to prune, the previous pruning was really sloppy, leaving half cut branches and half cut leaves. And tip would be great. I also...
  12. glass_shark

    Question about some chinese elm seeds

    Hello all, I have been venturing into seed starting, and i've had some luck! a seed has sprouted. for context, these are chinese elm seeds, i have put them in a pot around november, and they have been outside in the cold as if they were "in the wild" and now im seeing a sprout or two. the...
  13. proninyaroslav

    Leaves of the Chinese Elm in winter: to leave or not?

    For several years I overwintered my Chinese Elm without leaves at -1C/+5C (30F/41F). I forcibly removed the leaves every winter. This year I was advised not to remove the leaves, but I'm afraid that due to the evaporation of moisture from the leaves, the branches will dry out, as the substrate...
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    Chinese Elm
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    Chinese Elm
  16. Alaskanrocket

    Cascade parvifolia training progression

    Well there's no doubt that I still lack the vision for what I perceive should be the finished style. However, I have been working with this Elm and practicing clip and grow training with some wiring. Here are some progress pics. July when received After Trim in September Growth from...
  17. Lawrencek

    What would you do to this Chinese elm to make it better?

    So we've had this indoor Chinese elm young bonsai now for about 2ish years (idk the actual age of it I think it's like 7 years old) and repotted it about 4/5 months ago for first time. I like it but would like it to be more 'impressive' I don't want to necessarily make it bigger but I really...
  18. hiddengreenhouse

    Need Help Saving My Chinese Elm

    Hello, I am new to bonsai and was gifted a Chinese Elm back in May. I am living in the DC area and do not have anywhere outdoors to keep it, so it has been fully inside for the last 5 or so months. For the first 4+ months I kept it in a window that got moderate sunlight with a growth light on...
  19. N

    Mold on moss? repot needed?

    Hi im very new to Bonsai, Today i was sorting out my plants because mold had spread on the soil(cheap soil and bad circulation) and noticed my chinese elm bonsai (kept it inside), that i bought a week ago, had mold on the moss too (atleast i think it is mold??) but it looks very different than...
  20. invaderzim

    Beginner with too many questions? Probably..

    Hi everyone, Was always interested in bonsai and got really into it after attending a local show and joining the local club. Held off on buying anything off the bat since I wanted to research more, but was able to score a cedar elm and Chinese elm seedling from a door drawing during the meeting...
  21. C

    Chinese elm chop

    Had a ugly S shaped elm that I chopped over winter. The thing grew like a weed (had zero branches after the chop) and I finally did the first prune. I’m hoping a bud will break near the first bend to form a new apex so I can chop it lower. What are your thoughts?
  22. S

    Dawn Redwood Rooting?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on Bonsai Nut, but I have around 30 bonsai and have been working with them for approximately five years. I recently went on vacation for six days, and to keep my plants alive, I placed them in a circle with two sprinklers in the middle. All my bonsai are in...
  23. p_anova

    Chinese Elm looking droopy!

    Hey all, So I have this Chinese elm that is looking very droopy. All of the leaves are pointing down and I cannot figure out what is going on. It has never done this before. It is still in its original soil because I am trying to thicken the trunk but it came from a bonsai nursery so I know...
  24. I

    Hi, Can someone help??!?!

    Hi Everyone, I recently got a Chinese Elm and some of these leaves go black about a little black every day, I mist it maybe 3 to 4 times a day. Is this too much?? I had red spider mites but hand squished them and then damped the tree and left it outside overnight and all the bugs seem to be...
  25. Rivian

    Do all Chinese Elm varieties get scale?

    My normal Chinese Elms get scale on a regular basis, even the cuttings from last year already get them, but I havent seen any on Seijuu. As for Jacqueline Hillier (regardless of if its a parvifolia), I cant say because theyre still young. Didnt have any scale yet I think but I heard of one that...
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