chinese elm

  1. Wulfskaar

    Chinese Elm has brown spots

    Hi B-Nutters! I've been growing a Chinese Elm from seed and it's been doing well, for the most part. However, it is getting some brown spots on it. I could not find anything with the exact same spots. My first guess is that it's fungal, but I have seen other posts about too much water. But in...
  2. KlineCitchie

    Chinese Elm, Climate Shock Concerns

    Hello All, I have some concerns with a Chinese elm i recently acquired. Let me start by saying I’m in Zone 6 near the St. Louis area and the tree came from near Jacksonville Florida. My concern is that I won’t be able to give the tree enough time to acclimate before winter. Being that it’s never...
  3. Rivian

    Dead patch on Chinese Elm

    There is a dead area below a chop on my Chinese Elm I want to field-grow it so it heals over Should I also carve away at it? What should I do with the branches now that small tree tertiary structure becomes larger tree secondary structure?
  4. Trigobontree

    From an S curve to a…?

    Hello All, I have this Chinese Elm with an S curve that I’m not a huge fan of (and the roots are a mess). How and when should I “fix” it? I’m thinking above the red line is just firewood, too much of a reverse taper. Is the blue line a good place to trunk chop? And if so is it worth trying to...
  5. AnutterBonsai

    Uppotting mallsai

    Hello all! My first post, long time lurker. I have three mallsai, one Chinese elm and two junipers; my question is: I’d like to uppot them for thickening of trunk and growth and development of the trees. What type of soil will I need for both types of trees? I live in Houston, TX Bonus question...
  6. sticky_paws

    Absolute Beginner *Chinese Elm*

    Hi wonderful knowledgeable fellow bonsai enthusiasts!! I have jumped in to the world of indoor bonsai with both feet and bought myself a beautiful Chinese Elm approx 10 years old. i’m an absolute beginner in the UK and would appreciate all the help & advice I can get please. So far Yoshi, (yes...
  7. ConorDash

    Proposal: CE Mallsai / Cheap as chips Contest

    Purpose of this thread is simply to see if anyone is interested. I'm not one for contests, and I've never taken part in one but me and Bobby were talking and its clear that good things can be done with very cheap basic material, for some length of time. Also I am sure that a contest has been...
  8. G

    Dwarf Chinese elm

    Hi All, First time posting here. I picked up this Dwarf Chinese elm. I'm fairly new to bonsai and no experience with elms at all only maples and ficus. I am thinking about reducing the size with a big trunk chop to just above the first branch. It's winter here now in Australia is it a good...
  9. Apex37

    Ulmus Parvifolia 'Corticosa' - Cork Bark Chinese Elm #1

    Tree #3 from Brent at Evergreen Gardenworks and my favorite of the three. Really nice movement all the way up, decent size trunk and all. I'm torn on what I want to do with this guy. Obviously need to thicken the trunk significantly, but could use styling tips. Any thoughts? :)
  10. JuniperMasterRace

    Season to take Chinese Elm, Gingko, and Bakd Cypress cuttings?

    Title. I’m letting my trees go wild and run, it’s been about 2 months of vigorous growth (see Imgur link). I’m concerned I’m missing out on ramification and refinement just for a couple dozen cuttings. I took a few cuttings in January right before spring and they look like they are going to...
  11. E

    Trouble with my Chinese elm

    Hello! I'm very new to bonsai and my Chinese elm is not doing very well recently. I'm going to include as much detail as possible to get ahead of follow up questions, so this might be long. The bulletpoint issues are: he was in an eastern window but got brown spots on his leaves that looked...
  12. Chinese elm

    Chinese elm

    Had this chinese elm a couple of years now arrived in bad health and probably the worst soil I have ever seen, still not fully there but its one of my favourites as I have become to attached
  13. Yo Mango

    Full defoliation timing (Chinese Elm)

    I have a Chinese Elm, in South Florida (10b climate zone), where there is hardly ever enough cold temps to allow my tree to drop leaves substantially. I notice all through spring and summer it doesn’t throw much of anything out as far as new growth, very little. It seems it drops more leaves...
  14. Clorgan

    Choosing a tree for my Dad...

    My Dad has recently shown interest in bonsai, since my parents have moved house close to me and he's seen mine! So I'm looking to find him a good starter tree. Something that does already resemble bonsai as I don't think he's done a huge amount of reading up yet. Thought was to go for a...
  15. H

    Help! Bug ID? Bonsai suffering

    I’ve had this Chinese elm bonsai for several years now, and it has always been a quick grower and looks lovely. Last year I had a major spider mite infestation which took me most of the summer to eradicate. So I’ve been keeping a close eye on it and I’ve noticed theses tiny white bugs? (I’m...
  16. V

    Reviving my bonsai

    Hello, So apparently my bonsai hasn’t been doing well for the past 2 months. At first I thought it was due to the winter season and it will grow its leaves back, but it hasn’t produced a single leaf for the past 3 weeks or so. Unfortunately, I was away from home for about a month and an...
  17. KleinM

    Chinese Elm Root cutting

    Hi guys! I've only been doing Bonsai for a year and have never done something like this before. I planted a root cutting from my Chinese Elm when I potted it into a bonsai pot this December. Now it has a little branch and a couple of leaves! 😁 My question is, do I plant the whole root into...
  18. apizzimenti

    Chinese Elm Overwatering Accident

    Hello all – I am in need of some specific advice. A bit of backstory: I have had a chinese elm bonsai for about six months. It was ~5 years old when I received it (as a gift), although I am experienced in indoor gardening, have done my homework on the chinese elm, and have cared for other...
  19. F

    Chinese elm

    I have a Chinese elm and I’m in south east idaho, so winter is about half the year. I’m trying to decide the best course of action for this plant. I left it outside for summer and some of fall, but it’s already dropped into single digits Fahrenheit. I have done some research to find a good...
  20. rollwithak

    Doomed Chinese Elm Branch

    Hey All I had a Chinese elm in the backyard that I was reluctantly avoiding to cut some branches that had starting to grow over my neighbors fence. Thought I’d try to salvage some of it. Here are some pictures of when I removed the air layer over the weekend and how it finished up. Curious to...
  21. A

    Need help identifying Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia) or Siberian Elm (Ulmus Pumila).

    Hi guys, my name is Afnan, I'm from Malaysia. I'm very new here in Bonsai Nut. I need help identifying the elm below in pictures, is that Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia) or Siberian Elm (Ulmus Pumila)? Thanks in advance.
  22. cozmicat

    Is my Chinese elm healthy?

    Hey all, I hope you’re well. After a few long months things have opened back up. I traveled to my local bonsai shop. I purchased a Chinese elm. I have questions about its leaves. Can any of you diagnose what is wrong with the leaves. A little background, the bonsai shop has been closed for 2...
  23. O

    Chinese Elm losing leaves with brown tips

    Hi! I'm very new to bonsai. I just received a 10-year-old Chinese Elm two weeks ago. I was worried that the shipping would hurt the tree since it took a week to get to me due to delivery delays; I was worried about under watering and potentially dried-out roots. But when I received it, the...
  24. Oceanman113

    Elm leaves question

    My Chinese elm has had spotted leaves for months now. I’m a new owner and have inherited this tree in March. It’s about 10 years old and when I got it I just thought it was uncared for. But even the new growth is showing up with spots, so now I’m stumped. It’s also not on one specific section...
  25. Kanorin

    Ulmus P. 'Hokkaido' clump - What would you do?

    Background: I've been putting sticks in pots for just under a year now. I've got about 10 trees in the very early to early stages of development, so I was very excited to find this tree at my local nursery, which I believe could be made into a decent (for a beginner) shohin-sized bonsai in maybe...
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