chinese elm

  1. Andrew R.

    Chinese Elm changing leaves

    Hello- I am wondering if this Chinese Elm is just losing its leaves because it is fall here in Chicago and has been a bit chilly recently, though the tree has been indoors. Or, is there something seriously wrong with it? The yellowing started a few days ago, maybe a week. The tree has always...
  2. Chinese Elm

    Chinese Elm

  3. Ulmus Flaky bark

    Ulmus Flaky bark

  4. G

    Next spring; Repot & Hard Prune?

    Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the site and to the world of bonsai. Although I have been reading and trying to learn like a maniac! I received a chinese elm a few days ago and I've been focused on geting it acclimated and getting used to the watering routine. The tree came in a really heavy...
  5. L

    Chinese Elm. Leaves yellowing. Repotting in Summer?

    Hello! I'm very new to all of this; I received my Chinese Elm as a gift at the start of April, and since then the bonsai has been looking just fine.... until a few weeks ago. Some of the leaves began yellowing, and others have turned black/dark brown around the edges, before falling off...
  6. iHasaki

    Co-creation is key

    Hello there good folk, Some time ago I started looking for some bonsai starters/little tree’s. I didn’t think of connecting to others on forums. But when I found out, I liked the input on the different threats. First off I started looking at the interwebs to find out if there are some...
  7. ConorDash

    Ugly Ducklings - Suggestions, advice please

    Hello, So these are 3 trees (1 is not an elm but 2 are so went in the Elm section, sue me!), that are my more experiment, worthless (apart from sentimental) and have no natural positives. So take off your master bonsai cap, with your taper and nebari talk and think more for fun and see what...
  8. Fishtank307

    Mallsai thread?

    Don't know if a similar thread already exists. Tried to search for one, couldn't find any, so why not start one! Got the inspiration from the nursery stock thread, and the need to create a log for one of my own mallsai :D I'd like to see some crappy mallsai trees! And hopefully some...
  9. biobio

    New with Chinese elm...

    Hello there, i am totaly new to this and i have a small chinese elm for firt tree. There is nothing special, but i like all this. For now only watering and feeding !!!
  10. fviljoen963

    Roadside elm..

    It was growing way more upright and had burnt back a few times The plan is for a semi cascade and a very hollow spooky looking trunk. I havent quite figured out the details yet.. I'm open minded to suggestions unless you're going to suggest I make it into a sumo shohin HAHAHA Oh and the tree...
  11. R

    Soil damp for too long

    Hello. New to this forum looking for help about a Chinese Elm. The soil stays damp for at least a week, sometimes longer. The soil not only looks and feels damp, but the chopstick confirms it: it feels moist and comes out with soil on. I believe this is harmful for the tree. Should I repot it...
  12. Ingvill

    Newbie to forum & Bonsai: To be or not to be a Zelkova?

    Hey guys! I'm new to posting on the forum and new to bonsai. I have enjoyed reading (and laughing) on this forum for a lil while now. I love the way this forum keeps a sense of humour and that the tone is always friendly, even to us "annoying lil rookies" lol. I've always thought bonsai trees...
  13. cole morton

    Black masses on trunk of Chinese Elm

    Chinese elm by cole morton posted Aug 31, 2017 at 12:53 AM I recently purhased this Chinese Elm. These black lumps span the entire length of the trunk. If anyone could tell me what these are I would be very appreciative, as I have found nothing online so far
  14. Danial son

    Tree is looking rough.... advice please

    Hi guys, I wrote before about the big leaves on my Chinese Elm. I planned on repotting my tree a few weeks ago but haven't got to it yet. I notice my tree has been losing leaves with quite a few dead /yellow leaves on it now. The tree was a gift and...
  15. Mad Furiosa


    This is my first bonsai. It's a chinese elm and I grew it from a seed. Always indoors, watered daily with a little diluted fertilizer, mist it sometimes. Southern Alberta. It seems healthy growing lots but all a sudden I notice one of the newer leaves has a brown tip? and the older leaves have...
  16. RileyJFDB13

    Possible Chinese Elm Air layer?

    was walking by this tree today and I had the thought that because this looks like an old branch that was chopped and caloused over. Wpuld it be possible to air lay this? It would make an insane little sumo Bonsai if it was possible. what does eveyone think?
  17. ConorDash

    Ben and Luke (Ulmus Parvifolia)

    Hello, So here is Ben and Luke. Have posted a thread with some pics of them before but not specifically on them both. Ben is the older one (some even call him Ol' Ben) thicker trunk (and GREAT bark, I love it). Luke is thinner and can see at its base, its just starting to get the nice bark...
  18. ConorDash

    General Chinese Elm Styling

    Hello, Having done some pruning of 3 chinese elms this weekend, there are a few things that come up and I wanted to ask about. Its 1 thing to have read a lot about pruning, styling, etc etc, but its another to do it yourself and I find myself not knowing which to keep and prune. For starters...
  19. Jamo

    Chinese Elm... seeking advice

    So I have had my Chinese elm for a couple months now and though it is a young and small tree I would like some ideas as to what to do with this tree moving forward. I would like to thicken the trunk and get more dense foliage. I'm open to whatever you think could best help this tree moving...
  20. parhamr

    Ulmus parvifolia (A) progression

    I’m working on a longer term informal upright Chinese elm. I purchased the tree in early 2012 and its first three years were subpar due to my noob usage (“learning opportunity”) of subpar soil material (too organic), inadequate pot sizing, and poor timing of pruning. Tiny tree, mid-2012...
  21. ConorDash

    Collection of New Trees

    Hello, I just wanted to dump in a load of pics of a few lovely trees that I picked up from BobbyLane. Thanks again to him :). There's a link to the whole album with multiple of each tree, but I will just post 1 pic of each on here, as to not take up too much space. These were all re-potted...
  22. Jamo

    5 Year old Chinese Elm(first bonsai)- Help

    today was a big day, I received my Chinese elm bonsai. Though I am very excited about this new hobby, I am definitely going to need some help. My goal for the future and yes I know this is a long way away is to make this an upright broom style bonsai. I wanted to get some feedback on the first...

    Traded Black Pine for these three

    I decided to trade the reverse taper black pine for these three trees. The pine project was too overwhelming.
  24. Grant Hamby

    Tiny Elm

    I found this little guy at a local garden center. I was attracted to it because it had the thickest trunk and I saw an opportunity to chop it for taper. Since the chop, it's put out some strong growth, although not in the most desirable locations along the bends. Maybe spring will bring some new...
  25. Jonny Robertz

    Help! I'm new to bonsai and Worried!

    Hello everyone, I am really new to bonsai and I'm having some trouble with my medium sized Chinese Elm. My wife ordered it for me online from a reputable shop and the tree showed up in amazing condition. It was full, green and beautiful! I have had the tree for about 5 weeks now and within the...