chinese elms

  1. G

    Is my elm in good health?

    This elm has been re-potted in February, gets direct sun from 8am~11am, watered when on the soil is slightly dry, got biogold fertilizer too on the chopsticks. Did a small chop but going to let it grow free for a while to let it be strong. Leaves seem to be curling a bit and getting...
  2. Syltis

    How do I help my new Chinese Elm heal this scar?

    Hi! I just aquired a Chinese Elm from Norways only Bonsai Nursery, Taki Bonsai. I liked the trunk and the slight nebari. I have repotted it and plan to let it grow outside and settle this spring before I start working on the branches when it's leaves drop. The branches has been growing wild, so...
  3. D

    Yamadori Chinese Elm newbie help

    Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at bonsai and I started with a Yamadori 3 months ago and I already got some life into this Chinese elm... So far so good, I think the tree is out of the woods. I live in Los Angeles and the tree is outdoors. It rarely goes below 50 F in the winter so I'm...
  4. C

    Baby Chinese Elm - Liquid Fertilizer

    Hi all, I have a baby Chinese Elm that I'm hoping to make into a bonsai over time. I'm curious about fertilizer application. I have the Dyna-Grow Bonsai-Pro 7-9-5 which I've mixed to the proper concentration of 1/2tsp per gallon. With a well-diluted water-fertilizer solution like this, am I...
  5. NaturalArt

    Chinese elm (Ulmus parviflora) - Styling advice

    My local nursery was having a 30% off sale on their pre-bonsai so of course I had to check it out. I found this ugly little Chinese elm (that was mislabeled as "Chinese Zelkvoka sp.") and was hoping to see what you guys though could be done with it. I picked it out because of the awesome thick...
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