chinese juniper

  1. S

    Chinese juniper

    I inherited this tree it's supposedly a hundred and fifty years old. Needs to be finished it's now a mature bonsai. It's about two feet wide and three feet tall. Accepting offers over $4000 usd
  2. M

    what should I do next with my Juniper?

    Hi guys This is my first Bonsai, I pruned it... I live in Calgary Alberta, with very cold winters Any tips? What should I do next?
  3. Chinese Juniper shito

    Chinese Juniper shito

    Has a large (for a shito) root ball. Will try to keep this small as long as possible.
  4. R

    Juniperus chinensis "Pyramidalis" multi-trunk beginning

    Hi folks, I did a bit of snipping at some nursery stock over the May bank holiday and thought Id come on here for a bit of advice. I'm still very much a novice, but I think there's a nice multi-trunk bonsai in here with a few years' work. The tip I found recently about clipping out the large...
  5. Tntthunder

    A couple of questions about Chinese Junipers

    I keep seeing Junipers like these and they look absolutely beautiful. First how do they make the trunks on Junipers so thick? All the ones I tend to see at nurseries are small and thin. Secondly what is all the dead wood called? How is it created? Is that old parts of the tree or have they...
  6. yst222

    Gifted a bonsai, now what?

    So I mentioned to my partner how I like bonsais, few days later she bought me one... It seems to be a Chinese juniper, about 3-4 years old according to the seller. My issues/questions are: What is this shape? When it came, the end of the long main branch was curved up vertically which...
  7. leandroaveiro

    Chinese Juniper: best timing for heavy pruning and wiring

    Hi, completely new to bonsai and to the forum. I recently acquired an untrained Chinese Juniper. It's quite tall, so it will need to have its height reduced pretty much by half. I know that I'm not supposed to be removing too much foliage from a Juniper at once, so I plan to reduce slowly over...
  8. Big Country Bonsai

    Help with juniper ID and styling advice

    Hey guys, I was told by the nursery that this is Sea Green Juniper but it didn’t have a tag so I was just looking for a second opinion. It’s in a 15 gal pot and is heavy as hell. Good movement in the trunk but I’m thinking the largest branches are a bit straight and lacking in secondary branches...
  9. Elchubinebrae

    Stratification Advice

    Hi guys, new here to Bonsai nut. Ive got a few plants I've grown from seed that seem to be flourishing quite well, maybe cause of the fantastic Summer we've all enjoyed. I bought most of my seeds that don't require stratification but I somehow ended up with some Chinese Juniper seeds (late...
  10. Josiana

    Bargain Juniperus Chinensis Stricta

    I just recently purchased this Stricta for 49kr (5usd?), and it is my first 'proper' foray into bonsai (I have a green carpet juniper I have only repotted and a ginseng ficus). I made a training pot for it, but will wait for spring to transfer. And I will clear the soil that is currently...
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