1. keegan

    Chojubai in the ground?

    Has anyone tried developing chojubai in the ground? I've only talked to one person about this, Brent at Evergreengardenworks in northern california. He said they don't do well where he is in the ground, possibly because of the spring frosts. Brent says other more vigorous Chaenomeles don't...
  2. NateDavHCBTX

    Want chojubi and berberis.

    Hello all, Looking for decent starter, pre-bonsai, or initially styled chojubi or berberis material with character. I like to develop into shohin and chuhin. Not looking to spend a fortune but if the material is good will pay a fair price. Been looking for a while and haven't come across much...
  3. Andrew Robson

    White Chojubai Clump

    I really like developing young deciduous material. White chojubai is not as common as red, and its a bit harder to ramify. However, it is a stronger plant than the red chojubai. This tree was purchased with lots of problems, so a restart was required. I'm currently a full-time apprentice for...
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