1. Kodama

    Happy Holidays!

    Winter Solstice is here and wanted to wish all you BNuts a Happy Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah!
  2. Clicio

    Now it's that time of the year, folks!

    Yeah, from now on, to the next two months, there will be plenty of newbies that got a banzai as a Xmas gift. My suggestion is to not discourage those who show interest in the hobby, treat them kindly, without sarcastic or ironic comments, and be prepared to answer the same questions for a while...
  3. PherPhace

    __PherPhace's__ Little Christmas Tree Entry

    I have several entries! I have a weakness for discounted trees. We'll see how many I can keep alive for 3 years and then pick the best one... Or the only one 🙄. I found an ugly sweater cypress at Safeway. I'm just going to wire the branches so they all get light. No trimming this season. A...
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