1. brennobonsai

    Citrus mame bonsai development thread.

    I decided to start my first bonsai development progress thread. It's going to be a mame probably. I got the seedling as a gift from my grandmother and decided to wire it up to see if it turned into something good. Here are some pictures from less than a week when I planted it in a plastic pot...
  2. brennobonsai

    Help me ID this citrus seedling

    I got this seedling as a gift from my grandmother and I wanted help identifying it because I want to create a thread to follow the evolution of this plant. I know it will take a while but I want to make a mame of this plant. I was told it was from Citrus reticulata but I wanted to certify it...
  3. Chewieg

    Inherited Grapefruit Tree

    My father has grown this tree from seed 30 or more years ago. Now he has given it to me. I would love to refine it more but have no experience with citrus trees. Any design or care suggestions would help. It definitely needs repotted. The soil is not well draining and just dirt from his yard...
  4. P

    Hong kong Kumquat/ Kinzu

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone have experience with Kinzu as bonsai? I've seen allot of pictures of them in Japanese exhibitions, but information on them seems practically non-existent. Also, are they able to be grown as cuttings, or do they need to be seed grown? Thankyou
  5. pitchpine

    Free citrus seedlings

    Hi everyone! I have some citrus seedlings I started in January, and will not have room for all of them once they need to be potted up. I've got 2 different species growing, both are colloquially called/used as lemons in Colombia where the seeds came from, but neither are truly lemons. One...
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