coast redwood

  1. P

    New to bonsai. In need of input.

    So I technically cannot even be considered “new” to bonsai since I haven’t even started anything. That being said I’d like to get he ball rolling. I’m not an experienced Gardner by any stretch but I do garden quite a bit. I’ve got a few dozen cacti, a greenhouse, lots of house plants, a few...
  2. Matt_The_Mann

    New to just about everything

    Hi all! A gentleman I work with piqued my interest in the art of bonsai when he started talking about growing some giant sequoias the other day. I admittedly got pretty excited and ordered myself a pair of Sequoia Sempervirens with the hopes of making my own mini redwood forest at home without...
  3. Christa

    coast redwood seed

    Do you need to stratify or soak these seeds before planting them? It's spring where I am now.
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