coastal redwood

  1. PowerTap

    PT's Coast Redwood #1

    Starting a progression thread / asking some advice on progression. I bought this coast redwood from Jonsteen Trees as a starter two years ago. My goal is to eventually turn it into a shohin tree. The first two years I've mostly let it grow out in 3 gallon pot to put some girth on the trunk...
  2. L

    Lorax7 Coastal Redwood #3 progression

    Started from high elevation collected seed obtained from Sheffield’s in 2022. Trimmed it and wired up a new leader today. Before: After:
  3. L

    Lorax7 Coastal Redwood #2 progression

    Started from seed in spring 2022 with seed from Sheffield’s. The seed was collected from a grove at high elevation, so it’s supposed to be more cold hardy than typical coastal redwoods. Trimmed it and wired up a new leader today. Placed it in partial shade for the recovery afterward. Before...
  4. S

    HELP - Coast Redwood Needles Curling

    Hello new member here looking for advice. I've had this Coast Redwood for about 1.5 years. I had it potted in potting soil w/ a little extra grit to help w/ drainage (though I don't think it helped much). It grew great for the last year or so and now that's it has woken up for spring it's newest...
  5. L

    Lorax7 Coastal Redwood #1 progression

    Got it barerooted in a plastic bag from Johnsteen’s in 2019, potted it up, overwintering indoors that year. Forgot to bring it indoors for winter last year. Here it is in spring 2021 after I cut off the dead brown branches: Here it is now, fall 2021: I’m thinking that it deserves a t-shirt...
  6. Apex37

    Coastal Redwood in Texas

    Curious if anyone has experience with these trees in Texas or similar area and could share insight on care tips and all. Have the opportunity to possibly get one, but want to make sure it can do well here first. As far as I can tell, temperate range matches pretty closely, just a lot less humid...
  7. A

    Tree Identification

    Hi this is the first tree I have purchased. It was sold to me as a Dawn Redwood but I’m not so sure. First off, the leaves are still green. I assume a dawn redwood would at least have its fall colors by now if not have already dropped its leaves. Secondly, the tree has two types of foliage...
  8. Brad in GR

    Coastal Redwood Cuttings

    Fun, low expectations attempt at propagating a healthy but young (3 years) sequoia semperverins that I’m attempting to grow and develop in zone 6a (survived its first winter inside and is pushing lovely new growth). Tennis ball containers and pretzel rods bucket. Hormex for rooting. Organic...
  9. backroadstraveler

    Coastal Redwood Questions

    I asked Brian Underwood the following earlier. I also wanted to post this message, to you see what you all had to say, so that it may help others who have similar questions. I haven't found a lot out there on Coastal Redwoods, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is what I asked him...
  10. Hobbyist

    First Bonsai- Dawn Redwood

    Hello, Never had a Bonsai before and never posted in a forum before, but i read forums regularly and I have read tons of threads on this site! So to the Bonsai! My friend and I started growing Dawn Redwod or aka metasequoia to plant as wind breaks in our yard. Planted over 250 from seed...
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