1. Clicio

    Stainless steel colanders experiment.

    Found these colanders at Daiso, the Japanese chain store. U$2.50 each. 3 sizes, strong and well finished. Repotted today a young Elm in training, using fast draining soil; lets see the results. The idea is a maze of fine roots due to the natural air pruning.
  2. milehigh_7

    Happy Accident (Solved A Strainer, Colander Problem?)

    First a quick nod to the father of the "happy accident." Thanks Bob Ross! Everyone knows I love me some strainers. I have been using them since @Vance Wood's patented work turned me on to them about 10 years ago. (Hey Vance, who knew you would pretty much change the way pre-bonsai are grown and...
  3. Clicio

    Colanders and mesh; hold your roots!

    So colanders, pond baskets or grocery store plastic baskets are very good for bonsai in training. One school of thought says "the roots get automatically air-pruned by light and dryness"; the other says "light by itself will not kill roots"; so air pruning means roots getting their way out of...
  4. sorce

    Those Pot Materials!

    Tired of going downstairs to pick up trees that test gravity in the wind, and understanding the benefits of colanders, I decided to solve a couple problems. Crappy pots, and crappy broken pots! One 4in clay completely destroyed, in a sock holding it together. Ham containers, small nursery...
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