cold weather

  1. T

    Reviving a gifted serissa

    In November last year I was gifted a Serissa - while the tree is beautiful and I have been casually interested in bonsai as an art form, it is my first ever tree (and one I never would have gotten myself). It is extremely temperamental, the first month or so in my care it acclimatised well and...
  2. Tntthunder

    Easy to find alternatives to Akadama?

    New to Bonsai and trying to come up with a good alternative to Akadama as it is expensive to get it here in my Nordic country. I have also heard it breaks down really fast in the cold weather. I am currently growing conifers and have read that a 1:1:1 soil mix of Pumice, Lava Rock and Akadama...
  3. J

    Did I let my Ficus get too Cold?

    Hey Y'all, A couple of days ago, the sun was out, the birds were singing, so I thought it would be a good idea to water my "Tiger Bark" (we think) ficus outside. Mind you, it was about 52F, and I had remembered reading somewhere about "above 50F" (oops. should have researched more) was safe for...
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