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  1. chlorine-queen

    Tips and tricks to finding yardadori

    Anyone here have recommendations when it comes to looking for folks to let you come dig up landscaping shrubs from their yard? Craigslist and Marketplace have “free- you dig” type postings around my area occasionally (Oregon coast), but I’m considering posting my own ads for shrub/small tree...
  2. Balbs

    Collected Cherry (I think)

    Collected this big stump in March. I should have cut it lower but this was the first time doing this. I thought it was a birch because the bark is whitish, but after it budded out I think it's some native cherry. Sorry the picture is terrible. So here is is today, and it's been growing...
  3. SmallTreeGuy

    Collected Crape Myrtle…opinions?

    Hello all, Zone 8a. I am getting new landscaping put in and in an attempt to beat the landscapers, I dug out one of four, 25’ Crape Myrtles in my front yard. I have the option of getting all 4 obviously but I don’t think I have the time (or energy) for all of them before work is started next...
  4. K

    Looking for help identifying this Yamadori

    I collected this maple tree earlier this year in Michigan about 1/2 a mile from Lake Michigan in a large forest. It was definitely not planted by people and neither was anything remotely near it. My best guess is that it would be an Amur maple but honestly it’s leaves resemble a sienna glen...
  5. trigo

    Collected JBP Aftercare - beginner

    So today i just collected a field grown JBP, it was on the field for several years, heavy clay soil, well fed and watered. The rootball came out with a nice size and capilary roots. So my question is about the aftercare, right now it's a bush with lots of foliar mass and buds swelling, some...
  6. L

    Lorax7 Ponderosa Pine #2 progression

    Approximately 20-year old Ponderosa Pine collected in South Dakota by Andy Smith (Golden Arrow Bonsai), April 2022. Received and potted in 100% pumice.
  7. Alvaro

    What kind of pine tree is this?

    I wasn’t sure where to put this post I’ts my first time posting here. I need some help here, a friend gave me this tree that collected and I want to know what kind of tree it is, from what I read and the description I found in this article, it is a Limber pine -“This species of conifer can have...
  8. L

    Lorax7 Ponderosa Pine #1 progression

    Andy Smith collected in spring 2020. Bought it through Ken’s World of Bonsai (2021). Haven’t done anything to it yet. Planning to graft foliage in spring 2022:
  9. Bezalel Nebari

    Free Raw Material for CO Residents

    If you live in CO, I saw this post on facebook marketplace. Looks like this person has some land with a bunch of little trees that they're allowing people to dig up.
  10. X

    How to ensure survival of Olive Stump

    The next-door neighbours had dug this 20-year-old olive out of their garden and threw it in the skip. I saw it and took it in. It is about 6in diameter at the base with some roots intact. It has no leaves on it as the top has been chopped off completely. I'm in UK and new to Bonsai. I have read...
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