colorado blue spruce

  1. MiyagiFan

    Blue Spruce Thoughts?

    Hello there. Picked up this Blue Spruce from a side of the road nursery as I thought it might have some potential. Seems to want to want be a leaning style or wire to informal upright? Dug down into the base and seen this interesting trunk. Any thoughts on that? Was thinking I should style/wire...
  2. Marty626

    Second flush on CBS?

    What’s up guys the new guy here again, like the title says I have a Colorado blue spruce that I got in December of last year I trimmed it in January took off about 40%, it pushed growth in spring of this year and today I noticed that it started pushing growth again?!? Is this normal for a CBS to...
  3. T

    Pruning/Training For Colorado Blue Spruce, Bald Cypress & Dawn Redwood

    Good day all, my first post on the site, hope to make some friends. I am in NYC {USDA plant zone 7B} and have a great backyard and quite a few years of growing a wide range of plants and gardening etc. I have recently been gifted three beautiful deciduous bonsai all three in the upright style...
  4. Blue Spruce, Colorado spruce

    Blue Spruce, Colorado spruce

    Picea pungens
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