colorado blue spruce

  1. stu929

    Blue spruce victim, experiment number 1

    I was recently lucky enough to take my first bonsai class with a local pro Sean Smith and had a great time completing what I would call my first styled bosai . He provided to the class a wonderful assortment of Procumbens Nana for us to choose from and honestly there wasn’t a bad one in the...
  2. James W.

    Colorado spruce "Semper dwarf" from nursery stock

    Picked up a Picea pungens "Semper dwarf" today. A little pricier than I like for nursery stock but I did talk them down to about 40% of the asking price. No graft that I could tell. Nice base. It looked a bit rough to start with. After cleaning up it looks better. I'll repot it next spring...
  3. Shogun610

    Colorado Spruce No. 1

    Colorado Spruce , originally collected and initially styled by Todd Schlafer. Very excited to add this to the collection and to be next caretaker of this specimen. It’s pushing new growth. Next spring it will go into a container or stone , then developed in the years to come. Super stoked , I...
  4. K

    Colorado Blue Spruce help

    Hi All, so let me beginning by informing everyone that I have at least three years of bonsai experience. My question today is regarding this Colorado Blue spruce I purchased from a local nursery at the beginning of this year. It's very root bound, and at the time of purchase it didn't look like...
  5. Kodama

    Blue Spruce Thoughts?

    Hello there. Picked up this Blue Spruce from a side of the road nursery as I thought it might have some potential. Seems to want to want be a leaning style or wire to informal upright? Dug down into the base and seen this interesting trunk. Any thoughts on that? Was thinking I should style/wire...
  6. Marty626

    Second flush on CBS?

    What’s up guys the new guy here again, like the title says I have a Colorado blue spruce that I got in December of last year I trimmed it in January took off about 40%, it pushed growth in spring of this year and today I noticed that it started pushing growth again?!? Is this normal for a CBS to...
  7. T

    Pruning/Training For Colorado Blue Spruce, Bald Cypress & Dawn Redwood

    Good day all, my first post on the site, hope to make some friends. I am in NYC {USDA plant zone 7B} and have a great backyard and quite a few years of growing a wide range of plants and gardening etc. I have recently been gifted three beautiful deciduous bonsai all three in the upright style...
  8. Blue Spruce, Colorado spruce

    Blue Spruce, Colorado spruce

    Picea pungens
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