1. A

    Where-to-cut advice! (+ID🙏)

    Hello guys! First-time posting yay. After avoiding conifers for 3 years and over 30 trees I finally got a couple. These were too cheap to pass, I was at a bonsai place but it was extremely rural and these were thrown around the property. I have no idea of the exact species and I am not sure how...
  2. J

    Limber Pine 3-4 Year-Old Needles Removal

    I bought and repotted this Limber Pine in Spring. When would be the best time to pluck/remove the browning 3-4 year old needles on single flush pines? Some needles just fall off with little effort and some I have to pull a little bit for it to come off. Would it be fine to remove the needles now...
  3. Shogun610

    Ponderosa Yamadori and Pitch Pine Nurserydori

    I got two Pondies on the B&B auction at Golden Arrow Bonsai. They arrived in the mail today. So when I received them, I unwrapped the plastic,burlap wraps, took alittle soil duff off the roots to spread out a bit and potted in a loose soil mix with mostly pumice 60% and conifer blend soil 40%...
  4. R

    Field developing conifers

    Hi, I was wondering what techniques can be used to develop taper in field growing conifers. trunk chopping to a new leader is what I’m using for deciduous trees (to develop taper whilst field growing), does this technique work with coniferous species? How would you deal with candles/growth...
  5. Syltis

    Advice going forward with a new Picea Abies (Norway Spruce)

    Hi! I am fairly new to bonsai and to this forum. I am loving the hobby though, so I'm mostly working on getting more trees to put my hands on. I recently went looking through nurseries for Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) and this was the only one I found. I wanted a more developed tree I could...
  6. S

    Re-location Advice

    I am new to the bonsai world and last year (September) ordered a Dawn Redwood (5 tree grouping) to get my feet wet. When ordered I lived in San Diego, and although it took until January for the leaves to fall, the trees seemed to do very well. I did my first pruning in February (once I saw the...
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