1. ConorDash

    Corylus "Contorta" Avellana

    So I bought these 2 Contorta hazelnuts, as they were around when at a garden centre and I can't say no to them. I chose the best 2 I could find. I did a little experiment, which I don't think has born much fruit but maybe you can tell me more. 1 (in the black pot) had 3 large branches, 2 were...
  2. ConorDash

    Corylus avellana 'Contorta'

    Hello, Well here is an unusual tree (in my limited experience). Called a Twisted Hazelnut in layman's terms. I was looking for some potential in material at a garden centre and this really struck me. Bearing in mind, I have little confidence in my ability to spot potential because I simply...
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