copper beech

  1. SandSquid

    Copper Beech Rescue

    I've seen others make a sort of docu-blog on a specific project they're working on, so figured I'd try it out. So, I have this copper beech. I got the tree from a small Bonsai supply and nursery in Seattle a little over a month ago. I went there looking for a deciduous tree to work on and saw...
  2. Gsquared

    Has anyone ever done a severe chop on a copper beech?

    Wondering if anyone has reduced a large beech with a major chop? I saw one at a nursery and it doesn’t really have any branches on the lower part of the trunk where you’d want them. Root base and flare are good though. The first branch is about 16-18” up, so that would be the lowest to chop you...
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