coral bark maple

  1. cozmicat

    Sango Kaku (Coral Bark) Maple

    Hey all, wanted to get a discussion going on my large maple. Which was purchased from someone who collected from someone’s yard and cut down. They had this tree for about 3 years after collection. After bringing it home the plastic pot broke, so I had to slip pot into the large mica pot. I was...
  2. pstaboche

    Sango Kaku not doing great

    I'm fairly new to bonsai and horticulture as a whole so any advice would be greatly welcome. I bought a Sango Kaku JM at Lowes in an area where everything was marked 50% off as a "distressed plant". My question is about disease, I have noticed that the tips of some branches have turned black or...
  3. shakotan710

    Coral Bark Maple

    Hello everyone! This maple was won at my local Sacramento bonsai club raffle earlier this year and this was its first styling since it's been in my possession. A fellow member of my local club, Roger Steel, was kind enough to host a workshop and allow me to work on this tree. This tree was...
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