cork bark maple

  1. cozmicat

    Hubble’s cork bark maple

    Hey everyone. I have seen some posts on here regarding the Hubble’s cork bark maple, but I still have some questions after reading those other posts. Do any of you know if the cork bark maple back buds on the nodes with rough bark? Is there a best time of season to encourage budding? I am...
  2. G

    Opinions on styling new cork bark maple

    Hi everyone! Hope all is well. I have purchased a cork bark maple and I’m looking to hear peoples opinions on styling it as the more options to visualise/choose from the better Attached are the pics I have from the seller and I will take more Sunday when I pick it up paying £120 Trunk is...
  3. Apex37

    Acer Palmatum 'Ibo Nishiki' - Cork Bark Maple #1

    This was my first purchase from Brent at Evergreen Gardenworks and I can't say I'm disappointed! Trees came in super healthy and honestly bigger than I thought. I could use some advice or care tips from here. This is tree #1. This guy has nice movement and then it's pretty straight till about...
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