cork bark

  1. Ampersand

    My Cork bark Jade

    Hello, I'm a beginner to growing bonsai. I was wondering how often can I water my Cork bark Jade? During the summer I would water it daily when the temperature was 80 degrees Fahrenheit. But now it is getting a bit colder and I've been keeping my Jade inside by the window to still get sunlight...
  2. Bonsai_paul

    Elm doing well after its fall.....

    Its budding well after its fall out of its pot, Here is a better image of it with a proper camera. Next plan is to plan what needs to go next spring :-)
  3. AppleBonsai

    My Cork Bark Black Pine

    ...Older import that was pretty weak when I got it a couple years ago, so nursing it back to full health in a training pot for another couple years!
  4. D

    Cork Oak Trunk Chop

    Looking to acquire a cork oak and have several options available. All options would require a trunk chop. Looking for advice on what would be best time of year to complete and any limitations on trunk size or any other precautions I should be aware of.
  5. markyscott

    Memorial cork bark JBP

    Donald Green was a friend and former president of the Houston Bonsai Society. This was one of his trees - a young cork bark black pine. Rough stock. Growing in a heavy soil. Color was a bit off. I thinned it a bit and pulled a few needles to let light inside about 1 1/2 years ago. Here it is...
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