cotoneaster bonsai

  1. S

    Problems after repotting

    Hello Guys, My favorite cotoneaster bonsai seems to have a problem after repotting. I don't have any idea what can be causing the leaves tips to dry and dieback.(See the pictures) In 9 years I was Repotting it several times, take care of him as usual, no problems at all....until now. Please Let...
  2. goth_gardener

    Cotoneaster bonsai help! Browning

    Hello! I have begun a cotoneaster bonsai and am struggling to figure what the plant needs. I thought I had been overwatering, cut back, then soil was regularly far too dry and figured the roots had to be developed first so didn’t let it go dry for too long.. then figured maybe not enough sun so...
  3. micahmcgrath

    Shohin Cotoneaster - Progress Thread

    A thread for one of my favorites! Cranberry Cotoneaster as purchased Dec '19: Chopped up Spring '20: New growth after repot and close up of deadwood: A good season of growth in the pond basket: Pre repot Spring '21: Repot: New growth and berries '21: Coming out of winter storage '22...
  4. Hartinez

    Mame coral beauty Cotoneaster, 3 month progression

    Bought this great little cotoneaster coral beauty for $10 on June 4th. Loved its inherent trunk line and could see, based on the trunk line, that the base was plenty thick and leaves plenty small to make a convincing composition. Here it is after chopping , removing duff and loose soil and...
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