1. A

    Ligustrum Restoration/Development

    I’ve been tasked by my non-bonsai friend to ‘sort’ his Chinese privet. I repotted it in spring (lava, pumice, akadama and some regular potting compost added - my thinking was it would retain just that bit more water and nutrients to help a non-bonsai person care for it), and have now begun...
  2. goth_gardener

    Cotoneaster bonsai help! Browning

    Hello! I have begun a cotoneaster bonsai and am struggling to figure what the plant needs. I thought I had been overwatering, cut back, then soil was regularly far too dry and figured the roots had to be developed first so didn’t let it go dry for too long.. then figured maybe not enough sun so...
  3. micahmcgrath

    Shohin Cotoneaster - Progress Thread

    A thread for one of my favorites! Cranberry Cotoneaster as purchased Dec '19: Chopped up Spring '20: New growth after repot and close up of deadwood: A good season of growth in the pond basket: Pre repot Spring '21: Repot: New growth and berries '21: Coming out of winter storage '22...
  4. F

    Cotoneaster acutifolius

    Hi all, I have been growing a cotoneaster acutifolius hedge (in Montreal Canada). Unfortunately, although it has been growing for years, the hedge is not very thick, and has some bare areas in the lower part of the hedge. What strategies can I use to make it thicker and should I consider using...
  5. SilverShoe99

    Ladder Leaf Cotoneaster nursery stock. Thoughts/advice on a root reduction/slip pot?

    Sup nuts. I've got a couple Ladder Leaf Cotoneasters that I picked up on a lark from a nursery a few months back. As I haven't yet got a plan for them, they've just been sitting over in the corner of the yard doing their thing. I've noticed that they haven't grown as vigorously as I'd have...
  6. SeanS

    My (ex) Pom-pom Cotoneaster

    I bought this small cotoneaster back at the beginning of Feb, purely because it was cheap (R150 - $8) and because I’d seen some cotoneaster bonsais on Bnut and wasn’t sure if they were common or not in South Africa, so thought why not! TBH back then (even if it was only 2 months ago) I didn’t...
  7. ags79

    First go at bonsai - soil/pot prep

    Hi all, this is my first year at doing bonsai and have been doing some research. Since there is a lot of different info out there I figured I should share my plan with some experienced people and get feedback before I repot all these plants. I bought several varieties of plants for my...
  8. Hartinez

    Mame coral beauty Cotoneaster, 3 month progression

    Bought this great little cotoneaster coral beauty for $10 on June 4th. Loved its inherent trunk line and could see, based on the trunk line, that the base was plenty thick and leaves plenty small to make a convincing composition. Here it is after chopping , removing duff and loose soil and...
  9. James W.

    Tom Thumb vs Little Dipper cotoneaster ID help

    I purchased a couple of cotoneasters, "Tom Thumb" and "Little Dipper". The first thing I did when I got them home was to rip the tags off. (I know, kind of dumb.) One has smaller leaves than the other but I do not remember which is which. Can someone please help?
  10. Sn0W

    Roadside Cotoneaster

    Here are the first 2 of my roadside collected Cotoneaster's. Ran out of soil and had to run out and grab a bigger tub for one so the other 4 will be posted up tomorrow. First the tallest, it's sat on the bottom of the pot. I realise I should have put something in the picture for scale. Thinking...
  11. Sn0W

    Garden Centre Haul

    So Today I picked up these bargains. I posted yesterday about a Japanese Red Pine and went back today to pick it up. Started speaking to the manager again and ended up leaving with a lot more. I realise that I didn't put anything in the pictures for scale, but the JRP is a monster and the...
  12. Saddler

    Lawnmower Mamed Cotoneaster

    I am hoping this tree is eligible for the mame contest. I was going to wait to start a thread for this tree but I cant figure out how to send pictures in conversations here, so this is my work around. The story behind it is my cousin ran over this (now) little guy with a sit down lawn mower...
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