crab apple

  1. oliviad

    Crab Apple Help

    Hello! I need some help with this crab apple… it’s no longer growing upright but jetting forward, and I have no idea what to do with it. I’m terrified of killing it, because this was one of my dad’s bonsais that I have been taking care of since he passed away. I’m fairly new to bonsai, still...
  2. Deep Sea Diver

    Crab Apple Wars - Creating a Craggy Crab Apple Forest…

    Four years ago @Mike Hennigan sent over some Crab Apple seedlings he’d sprouted from trees in Ithaca NY. We were excited as this would be the second forest experiment here Spindly Sticks in a Pot! In March 2020 the seedlings arrived from Mike. We promptly planted these in a large training...
  3. R0b

    Malus progres

    Progress thread for my Malus not sure if this is M. Halliana or M. floribunda. I purchased this tree two years ago as a bonsai starter. The tree was grown in Korea. Unfortunately I wasn’t taking pictures of my trees for a while, so my first picture of it is from flowering last year. It didn’t...
  4. RJG2

    Unknown Crab

    This one is getting promoted from my Threadless thread. Collected from the woods spring 2022. Collection post (chop, root cutback, etc): Update 1 (2022/07/12)...
  5. Noodles

    crab apple chop help. when?!

    So I've finally beaten my compulsive urge to buy nursery material with severely underdeveloped trunks and C grade branching that I end up lopping off anyway. *cue applause* Not that this little crab apple's trunk doesn't need developing, in fact that's precisely why I'm posting. I picked it up...
  6. Kodama

    Crabapple Air Layer

    Hey BNuts! Just wanted to share my first air layer success on a Crabapple from the backyard. Still new to the art on my 3rd year so I was surprised it worked. Started it after flower bloom last year and separated in early fall. I used the sphagnum moss / bag method and did see a few roots at...
  7. Shogun610

    Shogun’s Crab Apple Bonanza

    Alright so starting a progression regarding some crab apple’s in development as Bonsai. Going to start tonight’s post with a Malus Profusion crab apple purchased from Evergreen Garden Works back in March. Here it is in the original nursery pot.
  8. Clblay

    Crab Apple - Next Steps

    Hey guys, appreciate the help on another thread I submitted about my Pyracantha. I'm going to use some of those suggestions once it finally warms up here in Southern Oregon. I will update that thread with pics once I begin the work to hopefully assist others in the future. I purchased this...
  9. N

    Crabapple Clump Project

    I've had this Crabapple (don't know the variety, sorry) for a couple years now. Started as a little shrub of prebonsai material, which I selected for its trunk movement and nice lower branching (the radial rooted flaring base was a nice surprise). In my vision, this will be the center trunk of a...
  10. Waltron

    is medusa clump a style? found a crab apple with about 10 little trunks.

    im not sure, but it seems like the could be a style.. maybe shorten it down to about 10" height, get rid of straight sectrions.. throw it in pot?
  11. ColinFraser

    A Couple of Crabapples

    At the Shohin Convention last month I bought a few crabapples to play with - one of them appears to be dead, not dormant! Oops. Anyway, the two that are supposed to have white flowers are leafing out now. They're kind of ridiculous looking - a squat trunk with long straight upward shooting...
  12. Shan Anand

    Visit to Monastery of the Holy Spirit, GA

    Merry Christmas, folks! Visited this place a couple of months ago to check out their Bonsai collection, pots they had and was not disappointed at all.. Here are some pics from the visit.
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