crab apple

  1. Noodles

    crab apple chop help. when?!

    So I've finally beaten my compulsive urge to buy nursery material with severely underdeveloped trunks and C grade branching that I end up lopping off anyway. *cue applause* Not that this little crab apple's trunk doesn't need developing, in fact that's precisely why I'm posting. I picked it up...
  2. Kodama

    Crabapple Air Layer

    Hey BNuts! Just wanted to share my first air layer success on a Crabapple from the backyard. Still new to the art on my 3rd year so I was surprised it worked. Started it after flower bloom last year and separated in early fall. I used the sphagnum moss / bag method and did see a few roots at...
  3. Shogun610

    Shogun’s Crab Apple Bonanza

    Alright so starting a progression regarding some crab apple’s in development as Bonsai. Going to start tonight’s post with a Malus Profusion crab apple purchased from Evergreen Garden Works back in March. Here it is in the original nursery pot.
  4. Clblay

    Crab Apple - Next Steps

    Hey guys, appreciate the help on another thread I submitted about my Pyracantha. I'm going to use some of those suggestions once it finally warms up here in Southern Oregon. I will update that thread with pics once I begin the work to hopefully assist others in the future. I purchased this...
  5. N

    Crabapple Clump Project

    I've had this Crabapple (don't know the variety, sorry) for a couple years now. Started as a little shrub of prebonsai material, which I selected for its trunk movement and nice lower branching (the radial rooted flaring base was a nice surprise). In my vision, this will be the center trunk of a...
  6. Waltron

    is medusa clump a style? found a crab apple with about 10 little trunks.

    im not sure, but it seems like the could be a style.. maybe shorten it down to about 10" height, get rid of straight sectrions.. throw it in pot?
  7. ColinFraser

    A Couple of Crabapples

    At the Shohin Convention last month I bought a few crabapples to play with - one of them appears to be dead, not dormant! Oops. Anyway, the two that are supposed to have white flowers are leafing out now. They're kind of ridiculous looking - a squat trunk with long straight upward shooting...
  8. Shan Anand

    Visit to Monastery of the Holy Spirit, GA

    Merry Christmas, folks! Visited this place a couple of months ago to check out their Bonsai collection, pots they had and was not disappointed at all.. Here are some pics from the visit.
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