1. mudvein

    Crabapple WIP

    Cut this air-layer from the mother tree 9/6/2019 I’ll keep adding progress shots here as the tree develops. Yesterday I was able to do my first carving on a tree. Over time, should weather/age well as a hollow.
  2. proninyaroslav

    What is the best season for bending cherry and crabapple trunk?

    Hello everyone. I have some mahaleb cherry and crabapple seedlings and want to give their trunks a dramatic shape while they are still flexible. What is the best season to do it: in spring or early fall? I live in a fairly cold climate, the temperature in greenhouse can drop to -5C. Heavy bends...
  3. Orion_metalhead

    Unknown Malus (Crabapple) Clump #1

    From collected seed at gas station in Virginia. Need to repot closer together next year. Age: 1yr, 1yr, 1yr, Training: 1yr, 1yr, 1yr Width: .23", .23", .19" Height: 15", 13", 11" Front: From right: Back: From left:
  4. baron

    Malus Domestica advice

    Hi, I bought this Crab a few weeks ago at Noelanders, but in all honesty I have not worked with crabapple's before... I'm kinda of clueless here on how to progress with this tree or come up with a working plan for it. I did repot it about a week ago into a slightly larger pot because it was...
  5. Fishtank307

    Shohin Siebold's crabapple

    I just got this tiny shohin crabapple (Malus sieboldii). The previous owner chopped the trunk 3 years ago. It's growing very vigorously! The top has a nice taper and there are a lot of branches to work with. The scar is still very visible, but healing nicely. The branch at the top will be cut...
  6. N

    Crabapple Clump Project

    I've had this Crabapple (don't know the variety, sorry) for a couple years now. Started as a little shrub of prebonsai material, which I selected for its trunk movement and nice lower branching (the radial rooted flaring base was a nice surprise). In my vision, this will be the center trunk of a...
  7. Grant Hamby

    Shohin Crabapple Project

    Here's another crabapple air layer I made this year. I'm hoping to keep this one in the shohin size range. My current plan is to sort out the roots and pot into a pond basket this spring and let the main branches thicken up. I'll have to smooth out the chop transition eventually, as well. I'm...
  8. Grant Hamby

    Mame Crabapple Project

    Over the summer I separated a couple crabapple air-layers and I'm starting to see a mame within one of them. When I separated it, I chopped it at almost the right spot, but now that I see a mame, I need to chop it slightly differently. My question is when, but any tips on making a clean chop...
  9. AppleBonsai

    Japanese Flowering Crabapple For Sale

    - $15 + shipping (Continental US only) USPS Priority Mail only. It's usually about $13 for the Medium Priority Mail box to most zip codes and can combine shipping if you purchase more than one tree from me. I will be posting as fast as I can! -First to reply gets it. I will then PM you my PayPal...
  10. camikins

    Tips to get crabapple to flower

    Hi - I've had a crabapple for a number of yrs (about 4 I think). It's happy and healthy, but has not flowered. Are there any particular pruning, or feeding tricks that I'm not doing right? I basically just feed once leaves are out, and repot every 2 to 3 yrs as needed, and try not to feed from...
  11. ColinFraser

    A Couple of Crabapples

    At the Shohin Convention last month I bought a few crabapples to play with - one of them appears to be dead, not dormant! Oops. Anyway, the two that are supposed to have white flowers are leafing out now. They're kind of ridiculous looking - a squat trunk with long straight upward shooting...
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