crassula ovata

  1. C

    Crassula Ovata Trunk

    Hello All. Looking forward to learning from/with you all. I have a question about thickening the circled part of the trunk. Should I let the top continue to grow until the desired thickness is reached and then start trimming back for ramification? Just wondering how a succulent like this should...
  2. walawelo

    Starting a jade bonsai

    I saw some interesting jade bonsai on this forum as well as on youtube. I want to start one. I got this jade from a backyard succulent grower out in the country. It looks like it has grown in a very heavy clay top soil (like a little brick). the roots seem to be very fine and this cutting hasn't...
  3. I

    Jade (Crassula Ovata) - Help Bonsifying

    Hello Fellow Nuts, First time posting on this forum. I am super excited with this recent acquisition of largeish Jade (Crassula Ovata), and need some help on what to do as next step. Its 2.5ft tall and quite heavy so I am looking to figure out how best to reduce and style it. What would be...
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