1. A

    Air-layering succulents?

    Hello Nuts! I want to air-layer this Crassula Ovata. It's an old photo, but it has a big 'foot' that half rotted and the base looks bad. They are not wood, and the usual layering techniques would probably rot the trunk. I've read that some people just cut them, let them dry and roots will...
  2. walawelo

    Starting a jade bonsai

    I saw some interesting jade bonsai on this forum as well as on youtube. I want to start one. I got this jade from a backyard succulent grower out in the country. It looks like it has grown in a very heavy clay top soil (like a little brick). the roots seem to be very fine and this cutting hasn't...
  3. boguz


    Hello Yesterday i got this crassula at a very nice price, 10$. It doesn't seem so healty, but it seems very old. It is my first crassula, i am not sure what to do. Yes it is not as easy as portulacaria afra for bonsai shapes, but i feel something can be done
  4. Saddler

    A Jade Tree I Have been "Styling" For Five Years

    My Mom has been growing this tree for almost twenty year in the Yukon. She managed to get it to flower every year, the only Jade trees I have seen in bloom. Every year or so I would go up and prune it back because it would get too big for her and she was afraid of killing it. When she moved...
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