crepe myrtle

  1. K5ATG

    Crepe Myrtle

    I have a large and beautiful crepe myrtle in my back yard that I would like to grow a cutting from. This tree defeats me at every turn. Every time I take a cutting it wilts and dies within the first day or so. I've tried different times of the year, I've used different growing mediums and no...
  2. T

    Crep myrtle not pushing

    Hi everyone, a couple months ago I got a crepe myrtle in Florida ( I'm in North Carolina). All my other decadent trees have already have their leaves, and the crepe myrtle in my yard has leaves. Just wondering if anyone can help.
  3. L

    Brutish crepe myrtle

    Found an ugly one. This crepe was growing through weed mat into the ground amongst a forest of runaway ligustrum, sago palm and a quiver of fern in the dark shabby depths of a Florida nursery. Having fallen long ago, the crepe grew as a raft, it’s former nursery pot enclosure found fractured and...
  4. RobertB

    Prevent Crepe Myrtle New Leader From Flowering

    I have three crepe myrtles that were trunk chopped in later winter and had their roots significantly reduced, almost to nothing, this past spring that I am trying to grow the next section of trunks on. These trees are sooooo vigorous after recovering from the repot! I have removed the flower...
  5. K5ATG

    Crepe Myrtle cuttings

    When is the best time for Crepe Myrtle cuttings? I have heard some say it is winter, some say June.
  6. J

    Crepe Myrtle Yamadori - branching/grafting advice

    Hey Y'all, This is my first bonsai project. I have a Crepe Myrtle that I collected from my Uncle's house when he sold it. The tree stood over 18 ft tall originally. I have continually cut back the trunk and roots over the past 4 years. I would now like to start training this tree and want...
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