1. M

    Cultivar identification

    Hello, I was looking through the forum and looked through many threads. I could not find a close match as I was looking for a general guide on identifying maple cultivars (certainly a very tedious task). I came across this when looking for planters on a website for local buy/sell. The owner does...
  2. Rivian

    Differences in disease resistence of JM cultivars

    I'm interested in your experience with cultivars of everything commonly described as a Japanese maple, regarding their disease resistence. I could not find anything on this topic beyond throwaway comments Especially curious what people say who had multiple cultivars, over several years, and...
  3. I

    Mugo pine choice for niwaki?

    Hello! I would like to train a niwaki specimen on a garden slope into a shape resembling “semi cascade,” with about a width of 1.5 m (4-5 feet). Does anyone have a sense of whether I would benefit from either the vigor of the species Mugo pine, or instead by choosing a cultivar that more...
  4. A

    Japanese White Pine questions on climate and cultivars

    Hi, I am brand new to bonsai so please excuse my ignorance. I'm very interested in getting a young Japanese White Pine to train as a bonsai. I was looking online for some sources since I couldn't find them at local nurseries, (at least not yet). I can only find them on the Coniferkingdom...
  5. Rivian

    Cold hardy crepe myrtle?

    I read there are crepe myrtle / Lagerstroemia indica that were bred for Zone 5. I would like to add a few to my growing field, they have such pretty bark. Please tell me anything you know about this, especially if you have first hand experience
  6. Rivian

    Sango Kaku - Winter flame

    I have a Sango Kaku Japanese maple (first year, not much experience) and Im wondering how it compares to Winter flame, which is another red wood winter interest JM with similar leaves. However, Winter flame is more or less a dwarf variety not usually exceeding 8 feet tall. My main question is...
  7. Rivian

    Acer circinatum cultivars?

    Dont know any, let alone which are the best ones. Small leaves, nice colors, you know the drill. ;)
  8. Rivian

    Super small leaves JM?

    Look at what I found in a planter. Those are centimeters, not inches. Anyone guess the cultivar name? Cause I have no idea. The plant was about 1.4 meters tall, with very low graft union if any. Trunk was maybe 7cm diameter, from memory.
  9. K

    Help me identify this JWPs' cultivar

    Hey everyone I just received a Pinus parviflora bonsai I bought from an online shop but am unsure about its' cultivar. It was listed as regular Pinus parviflora so I asked the seller specifically about its cultivar before buying because I already owned a JWP Glauca and wanted the original...
  10. K

    Dwarf cultivars vs uncultivated species

    Hi fellow enthusiasts a topic that I find very little information on online but keeps bugging me is: are dwarf cultivars more suited for bonsai or not? Now, the general consensus seems to be that dwarf cultivars take much longer to develop but have naturally smaller foliage making them well...
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