1. ColinFraser

    Bonsai Injuries

    We've all done it - what bonsai related injury stands out in your memory? An accidental scissor nip, a crush in the pliers, a hernia inducing large tree, a toe crushing drop . . .
  2. J

    Time to move on: how do I make my new love less skinny?

    Hi, This was my love and passion for almost 8 years before I was put into hospital for 3 month and my neighbor who promised to take care of it during that time got to occupied emptying my wine collection. I have a very hard time letting go of things, and I believe that's why I'm drawn to...
  3. Dawn Redwood

    Dawn Redwood

  4. Dawn Redwood

    Dawn Redwood

    I purchased this dawn Redwood from a Member of the Santa Cruz Bonsai Kai two and a half years ago. The tree was in a deep plastic pot with no roots showing. Last year i started removing it from its pot and kept raking away the soil. After almost 9 inches of dirt was removed i found the hair...
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